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{Ellie & Nathan | Charlie is one!}

{Ellie, Nathan & Charlie}
“When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses, are family happinesses” – Joyce Bothers
This a wonderful family that we have had the pleasure of photographing before.  It is hard to believe that Charlie has grown into a big one -year old already!  
Mum, Ellie, thoughtfully wanted to document this special day with a family session.  


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Images by Kellie Blinco Photography/Sam McGrath


Lacey + Jeff : I Do

Lacey + Jeff

Where does a person even start telling you abut a wedding like Lacey and Jeff’s?  Sam and I couldn’t have been more excited for this sweet country wedding styled by Pretty My Love!  Lacey has a beautiful eye and she knew exactly what she wanted for her wedding day.

The intimate and romantic atmosphere that was created, was truly something, I know Lacey is proud of.  I am going to let the pics do the talking <3

LJ-1000 LJ-1003 LJ-1010 LJ-1016 LJ-1020 LJ-1023 LJ-1026 LJ-1047 LJ-1050 LJ-1055 LJ-1057 LJ-1068 LJ-1075 LJ-1078 LJ-1100 LJ-1104 LJ-1131 copy LJ-1133 LJ-1139 LJ-1149 LJ-1157 LJ-1180 LJ-1248 LJ-1274 LJ-1349 LJ-1433 LJ-1438 LJ-1526 LJ-1541 LJ-1544 LJ-1558 LJ-1569 LJ-1577 LJ-1582 LJ-1591 LJ-1603 LJ-1607 LJ-1611 LJ-1622 LJ-1623 LJ-1640 LJ-1644 LJ-1668 LJ-1671 LJ-1692 LJ-1694 LJ-1697 LJ-1703 LJ-1706 LJ-1711 LJ-1769 LJ-1784 LJ-1803 LJ-1805 LJ-1816 LJ-1834 LJ-1848