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{ Cory + Janelle | Wilson Island I Do’s }


Friday, August Tenth, Twenty Twelve

love | American couple, Cory and Janelle used to sit 2 cubicles apart at work – they met, and they fell head over heels for each other. Cory says Janelle is intelligent, loyal,  with fierce determination. She is highly motivated to be successful at everything she does in life.  Janelle says Cory is super intelligent, honest and Loyal.  He will do anything for Janelle, and his two kids.

life & the proposal | Cory proposed a lifetime of happiness to Janelle on their patio on her birthday in 2010.  With a gorgeous Asscher cut diamond and his heart on his sleeve, he made Janelle one very happy bride to be!  Prior to the engagement, the couple saw a brochure on Wilson Island, QLD, Australia so the island hoppers decided it was the perfect destination for them both to say their I Do’s.  Both having been previously married, with the large traditional weddings, they opted for private, simple and intimate – a dream come true for the both of them.

the day | Wilson Island is a spectacular piece of paradise  off the coast of Gladstone.  It is truly nothing short of beautiful.  Celebrant Judy Whicker  as always, provided Cory and Janelle with a beautiful ceremony on the pristine white sands of the island hide away. The sun was shining and the only sound was the water, and the smiles and tears that flowed during their I Do’s.  We had all afternoon to celebrate with Cory and Janelle, and I had the absolute pleasure of capturing the romance  for the two of them.  At the end of the day, Janelle and Cory ended up in the water, and as the colours of the sunset went from strong oranges, to pink  then to peach hues, it was time for us to hop back on a boat to Heron Island and leave the newlyweds.

dinner for two | In a hut, a dinner lit by candlelight, looking out to the horizon, Cory and Janelle shared a meal as husband and wife.  Their dream wedding was a beautiful experience for all of us that shared in the day.  I was very sad to say goodbye to this couple!  Janelle and Cory’s dream Australian Island hopping adventure continued after their stay on Wilson Island, as they headed up to Lizard Island to complete their honeymoon.

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Lisa and Paul | Maternity Photography

Lisa and Paul  / Maternity Photography

May 2013


Out on the beach at last light of day, is always a pleasure!  Lisa and Paul are soon expecting the arrival of their 1st Baby and I look forwards to meeting the baby that will make their family become one that = 3 people <3

kellieblincophotography-baileylisapaul-158Kellie Blinco Photography, maternity photography