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Natalie & Aaron: I Do | Gladstone Wedding Photography

April 27, twenty thirteen

The Love Story | Aaron and Nat have spent the last 9 years of their lives together.  They are parents to a beautiful little boy, Hunter.  They met one night while they were out in Gladstone and even though they shared mutual friends, they had never crossed paths before.  Nat had plans to move to Brisbane and like most things in the life, the spontaneous things that happen are often the best. Those key moments and crossroads, that change the path of your life.  Aaron got Nat’s number from a friend and asked her out.  Nat decided, even though a boyfriend wasn’t in her current plans, to go out with Aaron.  Little did she know, he would be her first love, and future husband.

The Proposal | Aaron says

I knew that Nat was the woman I was going to marry just 2 months after we started dating, I just had to conviince her this was the case also. With the blessing of Nats dad, I proposed to the woman of my dreams while visiting her parents in Dubai. It was Christmas eve 2007 and I set up Nats parents 3 story home with candles on every step all the way to the roof top entertaining area. Nat wanted rose petals and in the middles of the desserts these were pretty hard to find. I lead Nat up the stairs to the roof where I had music playing with some drinks for us to relax and under the stars.  I knelt down on one knee and asked her to marry me. Thankfully she said yes.”

 Their Love for each other | Nat says

“His heart, he has the biggest heart ever. He is the most loving caring person I have ever met. From the first time we meet he has made me feel special.”

 Their Love for each other | Aaron  says

“She is the smartest, most beautiful person in the world, most of all she is my best friend and the greatest mother ever.”

Their Love for their Family |

“Our son,  Hunter Anthony Totton.  He is our life, our heart and our everything.  On the 6th September, fathers day 2009 we were given the most precious gift ever. This is the day that we believed in the saying “love at first sight”.

The Day They said I Do | Sam and I looked forwards to this wedding – a beautiful bride in Vera Wang, a gorgeously styled wedding by Aleisha at Pretty My Love.  Over at Nat and Aaron’s, the girls were running just a touch behind and the house was full of many people sharing Nat’s morning with her and running about ensuring everything was set for Nat and Aarons perfect day.  Over at the ceremony, which was held at Kalori, Tannum Sands, Aaron was greeting guests, who had come from all over the place to witness this momentous day in their lives. Even the people who were no longer with them but in their hearts were celebrated.  Aaron wore cufflinks with photos of both his grandfathers, Hunter, who was named after Nat’s cousin who had passed away years ago, was carried in an image in Hunter’s cufflinks.  Nat’s bouquet featured images of her grandparents.

The Ceremony | Celebrant, Judy Whicker, prepared everyone for the entrance of the bride.  As Natalie walked down the aisle, to “Marry me” by Train, she felt complete and so ready to marry “her first love”.  Aaron watched on as the moment he had waited for unfolded. The couple wrote their own vows, exchanged their rings and as a special gesture to their son Hunter, gave him a custom gold ring.  They promised to love, care and honour him for the rest of his life. The day was not just about joining the two lives, but the acknowledgement of their family bond. They sealed their love with their first kiss as husband and wife.

The Party | A beautifully decorated Port Curtis room at the Boyne/Tannum Community centre, was the venue to host the happy couples night of celebration with their loved ones. The danced their first dance to It Girl/It boy, song by Nat’s Cousin. After an exceptional night, they looked forwards to a honeymoon, on Hamilton Island.  Best wishes Aaron, Nat and Hunter, for an extraordinary life together.

The Vendors List

Brides Dress:  Vera Wang

Rings: Nats ring was designed in LA and bought back by a friend 2 weeks before the wedding and Aarons is from Angus & Coote

Flowers: Capricorn Event Decorator

Cake: Patti Cakes

Hair: Jean Wilson (Nat’s Cousin)

Make-up: Bellezza Bliss

Stylist: Pretty My Love

Photography: Kellie Blinco + Sam McGrath | Kellie Blinco Photography




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Megan Brett : I do | Gladstone Wedding Photography

Eighth of June twenty thirteen

“It was meant to be” Megan, on their love story

The day they dreamt of | Sam and I were more than thrilled to photograph this wedding, of Megan and Brett.  Saturday, June 8th  twenty thirteen, came around with the sun shining for this couple who were meant to be.  Sam spent time with Megan and the girls getting ready.  In true Megan style, the laughs and fun started and it set the tone for the remainder of the day.  Brett and the groomsmen arrived at the beautiful backlit ceremony location, at the Tondoon Botanical Gardens where Brett spent time with his family before the grand arrival of Megan, his future wife.

The Party Bus Arrival | For such a care free and fun pay like Brett and Megan, they choose Bernie’s Party bus to chauffeur the bridal party around for the day.  As Brett Stood in waiting, alongside the groomsmen and celebrant, Liana Wynne.  As Megan was walked down the aisle by her daughter, Charlize, the song “Innocence” by Avril Lavigne played.  Megan described her walk towards her future, as “overwhelming, in a good way”.  As Brett watched his future, walk towards him, dressed in Alfred Angelo from Gladstone Bridal, rightly so, Brett though “how pretty Megan looked and how lucky he was”.

The Moment | The small intimate ceremony was full of tears and laughter.  Brett’s sister read Dr Suess, “oh, the places you’ll go!” while the guests watched on with smiles and laughter. Traditional vows and the exchange of rings were followed by Brett and Megan reading a poem together.

The Party | The reception was held at Harvey Road Tavern  where the candy theme from the lollipop bouquets was followed through with table centre pieces and personalised candies.  With a grand entrance from our dancing bride and groom, the guests were all waiting in anticipation for a great night of celebration.  Megan and Brett had their hearts touched, but he best man speech.  A first dance to “UnderneathYour Beautiful” Labrinth featuring Emeli Sande.

The Honeymoon | Getting away for a few days to Yeppoon Capricorn Resort.

The Vendor List

Dresses : Gladstone Bridal

Suits : Cavaliers Menswear

Rings: Michael Hill Jewellers and Neville Gregory

Lollipop Bouquets: Designer Candy, Melbourne

Hair and Make-up : Hair Culture by Raylene

Decorations : Lisa, Absolute Dream Weddings and Zeta, Gladstone ChairCovers 4 Hire

Celebrant: Liana Wynne

Cake: Lydia, Cake It

Photography: Kellie Blinco, Sam McGrath : KELLIE BLINCO PHOTOGRAPHY
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Megan and Brett | Love Story

They Met: Megan and Brett met, when Brett started working for Megan’s Dad.  Over a few years, they only saw each other a few times, until Megan started working for her Dad too.  When Megan needed someone to move in with her and help with the rent, Brett ended up sharing house with Megan. They lived as housemates and hit it off and became great friends straight away, like two pea’s in a pod.

He Proposed: After Dinner one night, the pair sat out the back, talking about their relationship.  Brett kind of just decided to say “Let’s get married!”  He then asked Megan “Do I need to get onto one knee?”  Megan told him he didn’t need to!

Special: Megan adores Brett for his patience and she just loves him for being him.  Brett fell in love with Megan’s strong sense of self confidence.  As a couple, they are true to one another.  Always there for each other through thick and thin and they make each other laugh all the time.

The I DO’s: This coming Saturday, Brett and Megan, will say their vows to one another in an intimate ceremony.  Megan can’t wait to tie the knot and spend the rest of her days by Brett’s side.

I got to spend time with them yesterday afternoon. They are such a fantastic couple, and they were, true to their description of their relationship, always laughing.  Sam and I look forwards to documenting the day you two become Mr + Mrs :)

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Tamara | Fitness Shoot

Tamara | Fitness Shoot

While fit shoots are not something that I do everyday, when my personal trainer Tamara asked me to take some photographs of her in the studio, I was more than happy too!

She really is an inspirational person and trainer!

kellieblinco-fitshoot-tamara1112 kellieblinco-fitshoot-tamara1113 kellieblinco-fitshoot-tamara1114 kellieblinco-fitshoot-tamara1115 kellieblinco-fitshoot-tamara1116