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Cat + Ged : A match made in Heaven | Emu Park Wedding Photography

July Sixth, Twenty-Thirteen

Their Story | You can view Cat and Ged’s Love Story on how they met and fell in love here

The morning of  : Nestled on a hill, overlooking the rugged beaches of Emu Park, Cat sat with her most loved friends and family at “The Haven” .  Enjoying laughter as she had her hair and make-up prepared for the day she would marry her soul mate.  It is easy to see why Cat had a room full of people surrounding her, her bubbly personality and her warm smile makes her very easy to be around.  Cat’s friends presented her with a Tiffany’s Box, containing a gorgeous bracelet which was a beautiful gesture of love and support.  After the girls all shared breakfast together, it was time for Cat to get herself ready for her 11am ceremony.  Her exquisite dress, by Darb Bridal Couture, lit up her face as soon as she had it on and she looked absolutely stunning!  After a few pics with her family, she got in the car, ready to walk down the aisle to Ged.

Ged’s waiting: Upon a hill at Yeppoon, at Sacred Heart Church, Ged waited for the arrival of his bride-to-be.  With some nervous pacing, and laughs with friends, Ged couldn’t wait for Cat to arrive.  Later in the day, Ged compared his nerves at that moment to getting ready for a big game of footy. With the Lumineers, Hey Ho playing as Cat came down the aisle, with her parents by her side, they were making her laugh and when she laid eyes on Ged, she felt so excited and then Cat felt completely calm – it was meant to be. When Ged looked at Catherine, he had an amazing feeling, which he couldn’t put in to words.  “She was incredibly beautiful and I was so excited that I would be able to call her my wife

The Vow: Bishop Brian Heenan, joined Cat and Ged in Marriage.

 “I, Gerard, take you Catherine to be my wife.

 I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health.

 I will love and honour you all the days of my life.”

The Haven: After it was official, everyone headed back to the Marque reception at “The Haven” to share a meal together. With beautiful views and sea air, everyone toasted the Bride and Groom.  Listening to the words spoken about the couple, one thing was very clear – they are adored by their friends and family as individuals.  As a couple, they have so much support.  Ged and Cat, are made for each other and they compliment each other, perfectly. For Cat and Ged, the most special thing about their wedding day, was being able to share it with their friends and family.  To them, nothing could have been more important.

Homeymoon: Ged has planned an exciting honeymoon for the newlyweds, which includes Mexico City, Cuba, New York for Christmas and New Year, Paris, London and Bali – a week in each destination.  (hey guys, need some to photograph your trip? :P)

The day: Sam and I have shot so many weddings over the years.  All of them are different and unique. Each couple is different to the next couple. Every wedding has those super special moments that imprint on everyone there witnessing them.  During Ged’s toast he talked about being glad that he didn’t meet Cat earlier.  He was Glad that he got the chance to find out exactly who he was, so when Cat did come along, he could truly love her.  That, I think, is called perfect fate, true love and a strong foundation for a lifetime of happiness. Cat and Ged, sincerely, thank you for having us document your day.  May your marriage be as inspired as your wedding day!

Vendors List

Brides dress: Darb bridal couture 
Bridesmaid’ Dress: champagne rose goddess dress by sentani brisbane
Suits: Simon Carter West End
Rings: Stones Brisbane and Neville Gregory 
Flowers: Blooming Everything rockhampton
Cake: Kylie brown
Priest: Bishop Brian Heenan
Hair: Cath Wassell – caths hair studio gladstone 
Make up: Cassie McPherson
Wedding planners: Ged and Cat
Ceremony: Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Yeppoon
Reception: The Haven, Emu Park

Images by  : Kellie Blinco + Sam McGrath | Kellie Blinco Photography 2013

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