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Mel and Paul: Bula! Fiji I Do’s | Kellie Blinco Photography

August Twenty-Fourth, Twenty Thirteen

Melanie and Pauls Love Story can be found here

What could be more romantic?  A beachside Chapel on the sands of Fiji’s Sheraton, Denarau, friends, family, sunshine and a wedding ceremony.  Mel and Paul’s Destination wedding was their ultimate dream day and with the expertise of Sydney based wedding planner, Chelsea Jayne Weddings, Melanie and Paul were able to  create a spectacular and memorable wedding day.

Melanie and her bridesmaids were busily in hair and make-up and in the pre-wedding chaos us girls usually find ourselves in, Mel managed to remain calm and although nervous, she was so excited to watch the last years planning unfold into a beautiful wedding day. Nothing mattered – not even the threat of rain.  Mel was here, in Fiji, about to marry the man she loves.

Paul stood waiting, also feeling nervous – but he was overcome with emotion – seeing Bailey and Cruz arrive, followed down the aisle by his wife to be.  The Vows were exchanged in the small beachside Chapel, that was filled with the people Melanie and Paul hold so dear to their hearts. Once the pair became husband and wife, the nerves disappeared and the magic and excitement of their special day was written all over the faces.  Their guests all clapped and beamed with pride.  All feeling completely privileged to witness this moment – that will forever be one of the most important in Mel and Paul’s lives.

The staff at the Sheraton were busy creating a gorgeous outdoor reception on the sand for Mel and Paul, while they mingled with their guests that had come so far to Fiji to be apart of this special day.

Once we got some wedding portraits out of the way, the sunset, so spectacular, made it’s appearance and took everyone’s breathe away.  The time for the celebration had begun and with a talented band providing some entertainment, everybody soaked up the ambience and the serenity that this reception provided.  Followed with amazing food, plenty of celebratory drinks, words from the heart in the speeches, which left some in tears, the night continued on with dancing and fun!

Congratulations Mel and Paul – you deserve a life of beautiful happiness!  We feel so incredibly lucky to have been there to not only document this day for you, but to witness all the love and strong bonds we saw on this day.  May the rest of your days be as happy as this in Fiji.  Bula!


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Mel + Paul | Fiji Engagement Photography

Fiji Engagement Session | Mel and Paul  {August Twenty-Third, Twenty Thirteen}

Paul and Mel met 5 years ago on a dance floor.  Immediately smitten, they have since only had eyes for each other.  Paul and Mel have two beautiful boys, Bailey and Cruz, and the couple plan to make their family bigger. The happy couple have their priorities in order, and family is everything to them.  Bailey and Cruz mean the world to them.

The proposal happened when Paul took Bailey and Mel on a holiday to the Gold Coast, in a helicopter, while they were taking in the breathtaking views of the coast.Mel was 6 months pregnant with their little man Cruz, and she recalls it to be “a beautiful day”

Mel says: “I love Paul because he has a big heart and makes me happy.  He’s crazy and loves music.  I couldn’t have picked a better person to be the father of our children, but most of all, to be my husband.  I love him to the moon and back.”

Paul says: “Mel is a beautiful person.  Inside and out.  She is loving and caring and will do anything for our family.  She is my best friend and the best Mum to our boys, Bailey and Cruz.”

When Paul and Mel told us they wanted us to document their destination wedding in Fiji – we were immediately so excited to travel to an international destination to photograph this gorgeous couple! Shooting in new locations is always an adventure, the thought of being somewhere as beautiful as Fiji to record their I Do’s was absolutely one of the highlights in the calendar this year.

Mel and Paul choose Fiji as their destination wedding location as they wanted to do something a little different.  They wanted to make a holiday out of it and they wanted the same for their guests.   They love the beach, sunsets and cocktails so Fiji was the ultimate choice for them.

With guests arriving and last minute things to do, we were able to squeeze in a quick E-Shoot near the chapel the two would marry in, the following day. Located at The Sheraton Denarau.

We will have a follow up of the wedding day coming soon <3







Drew + Emily : Love Story

The Hearts That Deserve All The Happiness In The World

{Drew and Emily : Love Story }

On Saturday, Sam and I will head up to Yeppoon to watch Drew and Emily make a lifetime commitment to each other.  Meeting through a mutual friend Jess, Emily fell in love with Drew because he is a sweet and romantic man, that well and truly swept her off her feet.  He is the type of guy that won’t let Emily do things like mow the lawn, he loves her, protects her and treats her the way she deserves to be treated.

On December 11th, 2011, at Canoe Point during a casual stroll on the beach, Drew got on bended knee and proposed to the love of his life.  Soon after, I was in discussion with the two of them about their wedding plans and they became clients of mine. Later in 2012, Drew contacted me to secretly organise a surprise maternity and newborn session for the couple, as they had become pregnant.  Drew is such a thoughtful and caring fiance’, he wanted to organise it all as a special gift for his wife to be to document their first child.

This couple, this sweet and beautiful couple, only a few days after we photographed their maternity images, had been dealt the most sad and heartbreaking news any expectant parent could ever hear – their beautiful baby daughter had lost her life, before they could even hold her for the first time.

The loss of their daughter, Ashlyn, is such a devastating and heartbreaking twist of fate for them.  The thing that makes these two absolutely shine as a couple – is their strength.  Together, they have overcome so much more than some people ever have to go through, all their lives.  Not only have they been each others rocks, they have become even stronger as couple through their experiences. They have a deep bond and love, which you can see, whenever you are around them.  This kind of love is something to be cherished, and I don’t think anything will ever get in the way of that for the two of them.

So you see, Saturday’s wedding couple, Drew and Emily, deserve all the happiness in the world. May this day be one that can make your hearts sing, and may that continue on throughout the rest of your days.

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