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Logan | Gladstone Newborn Photography


This beautiful family I met last year, when I photographed their gorgeous daughter Indy, when she made her way into the world!

Amanda and Jonathan, although shocked to find out they were expecting so soon after the arrival of their first baby, Indy, were excited to know their children would be born 12 months apart.  They knew they would be best friends being so close together.

When Logan was born on September 15th at 7.30pm, both Amanda and Jono couldn’t have been more thrilled to add a newborn son, Logan, to their loving family.

Indy adores her new baby brother, you couldn’t keep her away from him, even if you tired!

I always have fun with this family – and Logan was the perfect baby to photograph!  Indy was so fun and full of character and smiles when it came to her turn too.  Thanks Amanda and Jono, as always it has been awesome spending time with you all <3
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Ellice and Shane 3 is a charm | Gladstone Newborn Photography

The Lowery Family and Olivia Ivy Belle

One of the coolest things about what I do is watching peoples lives evolve.  I first met Shane and Ellice when Rihanna, now 4.5 years was just a tiny tot.  Since then I have seen the joy Shane and Ellice have experienced watching their family grow.  I photographed Addision now 2.5 years, and was excited to receive mail from Ellice to tell me they were expecting baby number 3.

Ellice was over the moon to learn about her pregnancy, but after suffering an early miscarriage previously, she was anxious as well.  Things progressed well for her and apart from some morning sickness, she could get excited about their impending baby number three.

One of the most precious things Ellice recalls from her pregnancy, was sharing special moments with Rihanna and Addison when baby would move – and hearing the girls talk about their baby sister made Ellice and Shane smile with happiness.

Ellice was expecting her labour to go like it had with the other girls, and be a few days over, but baby Olivia had other idea’s and came 5 days before her due date.  As Shane walked through the door after work on August 14th, Ellice got her first contraction.  2 hours 40 minutes later, at 8.40pm, Ellice was in tears of joy holding their newborn daughter who was healthy and beautiful.

A 50cm long, 3.71kg bundle of happiness.

Olivia has been the perfect addition to Shane and Ellice’s “Now Complete Family“.  Ellice is in awe of the fact that your heart can keep loving wholey, no matter how many little people come into your life.

Rihanna says “I love Olivia lots & lots.  I love holding her and she really is the best baby sister ever”


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Melinda and Kane | Country Wedding Photography

September twenty-first, twenty thirteen


They Met | Over three years ago, Melinda and Kane met through a mutual friend.  Melinda was about to start a new job and decided to take an impulsive trip to visit her friend Amy. Turned out to be a wonderful surprise on her arrival, that Amy was running late and Kane was the one to welcome her into his home instead, while he was sweeping the floor no less. Within days, an obvious sparkle had formed in each of them and thankfully, Kane in his genius asked Melinda “if they could give it a go” even though she was on her way back to QLD.  As it was, there was no trying at all; from the obvious respect, love and patience they had found in each other.  Through the first year there was hardly a day they didn’t talk, laugh or await with anticipation to see each other again.

At the beginning of 2011 Melinda made the move back to Sydney.  Through the QLD floods, Kane travelled along with Melinda to make their new home in Brighton Le Sands.  Kane’s two daughters, Emma and Laura, also became a part of Melinda’s life and soon a trust and love was developed for all four of them as a growing family.

Kane Proposed | Their friend Jodie arrived very randomly with a bunch of yellow roses at their apartment.  Jodie told Melinda that the boys are doing car things, but they wanted to treat the girls that night. They got dressed and headed out to the mountains. It was a beautiful summer evening in Katoomba when they  pulled into a little BnB, with raised eyebrows, Melinda turned to Jodie, who had a very innocent smile. The boys took the girls to a picnic spot, that Kane had taken Melinda to on one of their first dates. They turned the corner where the picnic table should be, was a little gazebo, white with blue tulle – the boys had a very busy day! Dinner, wine, fairylights and even silverware!  As the night and dinner went on, the four of them enjoyed laughs over stories and jokes and then after dinner, Kane dropped to one knee and with a smile, proposes.  Even though Melinda had an inkling, she was still in shock and was smiling so much – she forgot to answer him! Kane prompted a response from her and she joyfully said yes!

Kane Loves Melinda Because: “Her ability to always try for the good in life, a wonderful and easy going nature, her kindness and compassion. She is always upfront and direct with what she thinks and says it directly as well.  And mostly, how she loves me.”

Melinda Loves Kane Because: “He always thinks of my needs and I can talk to him about anything, his adventurous and cheeky nature and how he always makes me feel that I am so important and special to him.”

The Big Day | Melinda had always wanted to get married on her parents farm “Kangarin Brahman Stud”, it has been in the family since 1928 and her mother and father were also married on the property, near Biloela QLD.  With Kane and a lot of help from her family, Melinda really got her dream wedding!Her Mum, even built a ceremony garden where celebrant, Debbie Edwards-Brown, married the two.

The entire wedding took place on the property and Melinda’s wedding day theme was inspired by Garden vintage with country Glam, strings of beaded crystals, soft lighting, flowers in red and purples, soft green grass with elegant banquet tables, rustic centrepieces, wood metal and floral.

During the ceremony Melinda and Kane had a memory box, filled with all the letters Melinda sent Kane in their first year together, all the flight tickets Melinda took to visit Kane in Sydney with a bottle of cognac to be opened on their anniversary’s.


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Images Kellie Blinco / Sam McGrath Kellie Blinco Photography 2013

Ben + Tamara : Gladstone Couples Photography

Ben and Tamara

Sam and I photographed Ben and Tamara’s wedding – just over a year before we did this couples shoot (you can view their wedding here)

Ben and Tamara are a super busy couple – both running businesses in the Health and Fitness Industry. Ben you will know from ASN and Tamara, has her personal training business, The Ultimate Body.   Tamara has also been my personal trainer for a while now, so I have really gotten to know them well.  They are a sweet couple and they always have smiles on their faces.

Tamara really wanted to capture her and Ben together in a fun way and working with these two, it was very easy to do that for them.

Thanks Ben and Tamara for a beautiful shoot :)



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Rachel + Nathan : Love Story : Gladstone Couples Photography

Nathan + Rachel

Three and a half years ago, Nathan met Rachel while working on her car. Rachel laughs, their mutual weirdness is what brought them together.

Nathan loves Rach, because of her ability to forge on, in the face of adversity.  The fact that she can actually stand his “Dad Jokes” completely won Nathans heart over.

Rach says of her fiance Nathan, he is able to tell when she is down and will do anything to make her laugh – his awesome “dad jokes” and corny one liners are phenomenal.

Nathan’s proposal, consisted of chinese food at spinnaker park.  The same scene of their first date together. The trickiest part was getting the handmade engagement ring, Nathan had made at Hatton Garden in London, while he was away, back home for the surprise.

On Saturday, Nathan and Rachel will say their I Do’s  – in a laid back wedding style that suits their care free natures, out at Old Station. With a couple, such as these two, who are so fun and full of personality, I know the wedding day will be full of laughs, good times and heaps of great memories to made…. and we will be there waiting to capture them all :)


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Playtime with Riley : Child Photographer

Riley and the little red car

September Twenty-Five, Twenty Thirteen


When you are two, you are free.  Free to play and free to run.  No worries, no fears.  If someone loves you, you love them back and there is no concept of even imagining that life is anything but fun.

I have watched Riley grow over the years documented his special milestone along the way for his Mum and Dad.

Riley’s Mum describes Riley as being a happy, determined, smart and quick thinking little man. He loves his time outside playing, in the sandpit and at his water table.  He also adores his poppy, and his excavator and all machines!  He is also a big fan of his iPad and iPhone and is clever enough to teach his 82 year old great grandfather how to find things on them!

When Riley grows up he wants to be a doctor and he wants to fly planes.  He is also intrigued with the garbage man and his truck.  Mick and Melinda only hope that Riley grows up to live his dreams and have a happy life.

Riley also adored my red pedal car.  and we played and played and played and played.   I felt like I was free to play and free to run, I found my two year old self for a little while :)


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Mr + Mrs Newton | Yeppoon Wedding Photography

September Seventh, Twenty Thirteen

Emily and Drew’s Love Story on how they met and fell head over heels in love can be viewed here

Sam and I headed up to Yeppoon Mercure Capricorn Resort to capture one of the most loving and heartfelt weddings ever.  Knowing Drew and Emily over the past year, they are the type of couple everyone wants to be around.  So friendly and so sincere.

The girls spent their morning relaxing and Emily enjoyed some memorable moments, getting her dress on, and seeing her Dad’s reaction to her as a stunning bride.  Emily carried a bouquet, with Baby Ashlyn’s image on it, have their beloved daughter close to them on this special day.

Drew waited, nervously, but with such excitement for Emily to walk towards him in the garden where they said their I Do’s. Seeing all their friends and family there to witness their love, was very special to Emily and Drew.  Garland Anderson, Celebrant, joined the couple in marriage forever.  Emily says the vows,  promising each other to spend the rest of our lives together was definitely a special moment of their day.

At the reception at the resorts, Anniversary house, there was a stunning cake by Cake’n’Candy – a delectable candy buffet and a room full of people that love the newlyweds.  Many laughs, tears and memories were made, as Drew and Emily celebrated.

Mr + Mrs Newton – we wish you all the happiness in the world for your bright future


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Images by Kellie Blinco + Sam McGrath \ Kellie Blinco Photography