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Isaiah | High School Graduation


Oh what an amazing time in a person’s life! Looking back at this time in my life (it was too many years ago now than I care to admit), this has to be one of the most exciting (and a wee bit scary) times in life.  Life go’s by so quickly and I can honestly say, the time when you leave school is such an exciting time.  The world at your feet – possibilities endless.  The  crossroads in life start right here


Isaiah, best wishes for an amazing future – it starts now!

Nath + Rach I Do : QLD wedding Photographer

October Nineteenth, Twenty Thirteen

You can read about Nathan and Rachel’s Love Story here

The wedding day didn’t start off as planned for Nathan.  As life go’s, things don’t always work as you expect them too.  Nathan woke up to two flat tyres.  Although the day started off with a small hitch, Nathan was excited and anxious to marry his best friend.

Thoughtful Rachel, one of the most special things was giving Nath his wedding present.  “He had no clue I had bought him something (for once). It was a pocket watch as a momentum and so he has something he can pass down as a family heirloom.”  

Over at her Mum’s house, at Ambrose, Rachel and her girls were relaxing.  On our arrival, foot massages and pedicure’s were on the priority list.  Sam stayed with the girls as bride to be Rachel, put on her dress.

The entire wedding was held at The Old Station – an amazing venue for weddings!  Nathan and his crew were busily sorting out last minute details and then the time came for them to get dressed and await Rachel’s grand arrival.

When I say grand arrival… I actually do mean grand.  Rachel arrived to the ceremony on a helicopter.  The guests were delighted watching the chopper do a few laps over the outdoor ceremony. Nathan stood and watched Rach make her way towards him.  All he could think to himself was “DAAA-YUM! I can’t believe this fine specimen actually wants to voluntarily spend the rest of her life with me!”

Rach, who recalls this moment as one of the best of the day – remembers Nath’s big smile as she walked towards him.  As she started walking to marry the man of her dreams she was trying to talk her  way out of crying!  “Then I see Nath and then told myself  “damn he is fine!” the nerves then left.”

The ceremony went off without a hitch and finally Nath and Rach, were husband and wife. For Rach, the most special part of the day was “being with Nath and exchanging our vows and rings together. We have been dreaming of this day for a long time and to have our family and friends there made it even more special.”

 “Being with Rachel to celebrate our love we have for one another. The entire day was my favourite. I can’t single out one moment out of it all.”  Nathan reflects on the days events

The entire day was breathe taking for Rach, but being in Nath’s arms is what always takes her breathe away, every time they are together.  Rach loves Nathan’s gentle soul.

The reception was full of fun – which is a perfect refection of these two as a couple. On their arrival to the reception, there was a massive present sitting on the bridal table.  A replica of the venue to remind them forever of their special day.

Now the wedding day is over, Rach says calling Nathan her husband “is taking some getting used too! But when I do say  husband I giggle a little like a school girl!”

For Nath, his dreams for the couple are simple. “To live a long and loving life together. Grow old together and become those cute “oldies” you see still walking holding hands in 50 years’ time.” Nath’s idea of what being a good husband is being there through thick and thin and standing by Rachel’s side to support her. With values like his, there is no doubt they will be those cute oldies.

Nath and Rach – THANK YOU for an extraordinary day.  We adore you both and have no doubt your love will last a lifetime!

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Kellie Blinco Photography 2013  Kellie Blinco / Sam McGrath

Emma, Ryan, Riley + Keira | Gladstone Maternity, Newborn, Family Photography


It was not that long ago that Emma and Ryan were in documenting the arrival of their first baby, Riley.  They have just grown their family +1 with the arrival of their daughter, Keira.

We spent and afternoon at the beach photographing Emma’s bump and Riley proved to be a little poser.  Keira, however, on her arrival, wasn’t as keen! With a bit of persistence we did win in the end!

Emma and Ryan, it has been such a pleasure watching your family grow!  You have two very beautiful children and I look forwards to seeing them both again sometime in the future!

I hope the moments we captured together here, stay special to you for a very very long time :)

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Ashlee + Chris : Gladstone Wedding Photography

Ashlee + Chris : October Twelfth, Twenty Thirteen

You can view Ashlee + Chris’s Love Story here

Chris and Ashlee couldn’t have been more excited when their big day arrived.  The girls arrived back at the hotel, looking gorgeous and ready to enjoy every second of Ashlee’s big day.  With some help from her Mum, Ashlee put on her dress, her pink sparkly heels and was ready to meet the man she loves down at the Marina.

Chris woke up the morning of, feeling excited and happy for the day that was ahead of him.  At the Marina, he was busily greeting guests and preparing for one of the greatest moments of his life.  When Ashlee started to walk towards him, he thought, “She looks so beautiful”, he was happy to see her and then his thoughts turned to hoping he didn’t cry to much in front of all his guests.  Meanwhile, Ash was busy taking in the moment after two years of planning, she couldn’t wait to make it to the end of the aisle to marry her best friend.

Judy Whicker, delivered a beautiful ceremony in which the couple spent gazing into each other’s eyes.   There was laughter and smiles, and could have been a few tear filled eyes. The couple exchanged their vows and they became husband and wife.

Calling Chris “her husband” feels really surreal to Ashlee.  Chris hopes to be a great husband to Ashlee, to him, this means being a shoulder to lean on, a guardian, a provider and a soul mate. Both Ashlee and Chris loved everything about their day – Ashlee loved the emotion and laughter in the vows, and also Chris’s speech at the reception.  Ashlee also looks back at the times her and Chris were alone after the ceremony, like in the car and their first dance as being some of her most treasured moments.

Their Rydges Reception was a great celebration of their marriage with all the people they hold dear.

Congratulations Ashlee and Chris – we hope your wedding day is something you will always be able to look back on and smile at all the small moments tsd
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Images Kellie Blinco/Sam McGrath Kellie Blinco Photography

Sarah and Todd | French lace and Combi’s | QLD wedding photography

Sarah and Todd – October Fifth, Twenty Thirteen

Sam and I knew just what a great wedding we would be shooting, well before we showed up to Todd and Sarah’s I Do’s.  The cutest couple ever and Sarah’s wedding vision we had been chatting about over the past little while, was something we couldn’t wait to see come together.

Arriving to the girls that morning – it was so calm and organised – Anna, Sarah’s sister was reading a magazine, Sarah was pottering around, making sure all her stuff was ready to go and the other girls were calmly relaxing.  Most photographers and most people who have been a part of a bridal party before will know this is not the usual scene we walk into.  It set the tone for a very relaxed day.

Sarah’s dress was something pretty special. Her Bridesmaids mother, just happens to be an amazing designer and made Sarah’s dream dress from exquisite satins and French lace – the same kind of lace that Kate Middleton used in her royal wedding.  Sarah wore the dress so incredibly elegantly, she looked like she was a princess. The day of the wedding was the first time Sarah wore the dress complete and a few last minute stitches were placed just moments before it was time to go to Star of The Sea church to marry her prince.

Todd woke up on the morning of the wedding and remembered he had to write his speech! After a few last minute details on Todd’s end, he got himself to the church.  Father Aliki Maree got the boys in to place, waiting for Sarah to arrive.  Todd recalls feeling nervous standing in front of all those people…. until Sarah appeared at the church doorway – he was relieved when he set his eyes upon hers and felt so much calmer.

Walking down the aisle to Todd, with her Dad on her arm, was one of the many moments for Sarah during the day, that took her  breath away. On her arrival, she was hoping she wasn’t too late! She paused, took a deep breath, looked around and took in what was about to happen.  “it was a beautiful moment”

Father Aliki performed a heart warming ceremony for the couple.  There were many laughs and happy moments during the joining of Sarah and Todd, which will be treasured by them both.

After the ceremony, the bridal party boarded the Combi’s (cutest wedding transport ever) we went off to take a few portraits for the pair.  The reception was at Cedar Galleries was inspired by the talented works of stylist Aleisha from Pretty My Love.  Aleisha, although unable to style the event herself, helped guide Sarah into making her dream reception come to life.  With the help of Sarah’s friend Megan and sister-in-law Alanna, the girls designed and put together the most amazing rustic vintage reception.

Sarah and Todd had so many amazing moments during their day, the couldn’t just name one as their favourite.

Calling each other Husband and Wife, is taking them a bit to get used to… after all sometimes when the day is so magical and like a dream, you do need to pinch yourself sometimes to make sure it was all real!

Todd, in his speech, talked about how he couldn’t imagine spending his life with anyone else.  As for their future, with a husband that knows, that being their for your wife in every way, is the most important, Sarah and Todd are set to live happily ever after.

Now, the Hawaii honeymoon is over, and they settle back into their new lives, we hope you both take great happiness in re-living all the moments every time you look at your wedding day photographs.  Sam and I wish you both a world of happiness and thank you for allowing us to share this day with you all!

A list of vendors and thank you’s from Sarah and Todd can be found after you check out their beautiful day
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So many people played a role in making their day so magical.
They would like to thank like to thank:
Hairdressers Mel and Raylene from Hair Culture by Raylene
Make-up artist Anna from Anna
Dress was designed by Maria Smith from Marsuzs Designs
Fr Aliki, Maree and all involved at Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church
Styling was inspired by Aleisha from Pretty My Love and Megan, David and Alanna styling on the day
Flowers were thanks to Kerilyn from Lavish Flowers of Bundaberg
Venue was perfect thanks to Angela from Cedar Galleries Arts & Craft Village
Cake was made by mother of the groom, Kay Martin
Tiffany chairs at the reception were hired from Belinda at Capricorn Event Decorators
Catering by Lance and his team from Chattin Café
Thanks also to Buslink for providing the bus transportation


Images Kellie Blinco / Sam McGrath Kellie Blinco Photography