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Tamara | Maternity Photographer

Tamara | Maternity 

31st January, 2014

Some days, you just get super lucky, with super amazing light.  What a great way to spend a summer’s afternoon, out on my favourite property!

Such a gorgeous bump you have Tamara!
tamara maternityKellie Blinco Photography, Maternity Photographer

A Photo A Day : by Kellie Blinco

I like taking photo’s.  It’s kind of what I do.  This is what I look like a lot of the time


 Cool things happen every day, even if it is something that occurs ordinarily, like the sun rising,  it isn’t ever anything less than extraordinary! With that in mind, I want to share some of this stuff with you.  I think it is important to seek out the beautiful and interesting things that make up life.  Let’s see how I go.

I will also share pics on Instagram  (@kellieblinco) come find me if you like :)  A photo a day



While a lot of people are groaning at the thought of back to work, Im packing up my gear and skipping down to the beach to my first session of the year.  There are heaps of things I don’t like doing as a business owner, plenty that makes me sit in the corner rocking back and forwards wondering how did I get here – but the shooting part, the creating part, that’s what I love.

Starting the year off one of “my” families returning to photograph the story of baby #2 entering the world, makes me very happy :)  I am looking forwards to everything ahead of me work wise this year!


lach bike

Maybe a miss-focused iPhone picture for photo a day is cheating.  Or maybe I was so busy spending my afternoon riding bikes with Lachlan and having fun, struggling to get speed up the hill, holding on with one hand while I grabbed this snap, is a perfect representation of something i believe in when it comes to “documenting” my own special moments myself.

See, I can document your moments, your I Do’s, you, as a person.  That’s my job.  It takes me every single ounce of thought and concentration when I am behind the camera.  ISO, aperture, shutter speed, perspective, which lens, composition, what’s the light doing etc etc….  I do this so you can be captured while you are in your moment.  You can be fully invested in who you are with and what you are doing.

So when I have my life moments, I don’t want to miss them worrying about all of the above things.  Because if I did worry about all of that, the moment would pass me by and I wouldn’t have even basked in it, experienced it – it would no longer be my moment.

So, I don’t think this poorly focused image taken while riding a bike with my son on my iPhone, is cheating…..  I would have been the one who was cheated, if I had of been fumbling around, focusing on creating a perfect image <3

Happy Sunday



Meet my beautiful sister Amy.   While in Cambodia, in a Tuk Tuk on the way back from one of our awesome adventures, Doug, one of tour leaders and amazing photographer – mentioned to us the Brenizer Method.  Its a photo technique that I hadn’t heard of before so I decided today, I would give it a go. My kids are not very photo co-operative and this particular method requires poses to be held for 30 seconds or so, Amy was definitely my best option to try this out!  And she looks gorgeous always.  And I got to hang out with her.

Like with most things photography – this one is probably going to take a bit of practice.  I love the way it looks though and created a few today.  Some were massive failures, some were okay.

The one thing i know about photography for certain is – you never stop learning!  It does’t matter if you don’t always get it right trying something new keeps life from being boring!



Yeah, QLD temperatures are through the roof.  We don’t have air conditioning in at our place (Honestly, my husband always gets sick sitting in air con – he can’t handle it. Although at this point there is three of us and one of him, so I am thinking majority peoples comfort should win out here?)

We came up with a few solutions today to try and cool down

– buy a chest freezer that we can all fit in

– spend the day at Coles in the frozen food section (i can also wear my hyper colour t-shirt in this situation and be amused in a supermarket for HOURS)

– spend the day driving around aimlessly so we can enjoy the air conditioning in the Jeep or sit at the studio and enjoy it’s air conditioning.

We have a pool.  Well in September it was a pool, now it is like a giant warm bath.

If you sit in the shade, after letting the hot water run from the hose for a few minutes, it turns coolish again, and if you get a little bit of a breeze blow your way, it does help, just a little bit. Lachlan made use of it for a few minutes today.


Stay Cool x



I got my first film SLR for christmas the year Baily was born.   It was a canon 35mm and it cost $500.00 (more than we could afford)  I had ached for it for years.  I spent heaps of time teaching myself.  I used to write down my shooting information on a piece of paper and when I sent my film away to be developed,  I’d get it back a week later. I would go through the frames and see what I had done right and what I had done wrong.

That was about 11 years ago.  I was digging through photo boxes in the garage today, and I found this photograph of Baily. I would have owned my camera for a whole year at the time I shot this.  When I took it, I really loved it.  It may have been the first image I took, I was really drawn to.  Looking at it now, I can see it’s flaws – so many technical errors.  It’s very special to me though, in all it’s imperfection.

I showed Baily this pic today and realised, the years have gone by in the blink of an eye.  This year, he will become a teenager.  My little guy sitting there looking at a book will be well an truly on his way to growing up.

But no matter what, he will always be the sweet little man in the picture he is holding, to me <3



How calming is the ocean.  It is one of those simple pleasures in life.  My family spent the afternoon on the first day of the year, just being.  I didn’t really make any of the usual resolutions – the only thing I want to do, is dream bigger.  2013 showed me, just who I want to be.  who i can be. unexpectedly and out of nowhere. It took me to places, led me to meet people and taught me how to cherish the people that have always been there.  All these amazing things occurred, almost like someone had mapped out for me where I needed to be and when.  and I was.

I do believe everything happens just the way it is meant to.  I now know, absolutely anything is possible.  If you can dream it up, you can make it happen.

What have you dreamt up for yourself this year? What do you want to do?