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Sarah and Brad | Maternity Photography

Sarah and Brad | Maternity Photography

Sarah and Brad are back!  Wonderful to see them back again, expecting beautiful Baby number two and also catch up with their number one, Miss Kaylee

We spent the afternoon at the beach to take some portraits to capture this time before three become 4

How beautiful does Sarah look!

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Tyler Child Portrait

Tyler is another one of “my” newborns and he was back for an updated portrait.

I adore having them come back to me as they grow.  Seeing them at all their important stages on the journey to growing up.  It sounds so cliche’ but it is so true – it just go’s far too fast!

This session is probably also one of the MOST eventful I have ever had.  During the shoot, something bit me while I was scaling this bridge – I thought Id scraped my foot on a bolt.  Im not sure what it was as the mosquitos were so thick, I was covered in bites all over my feet and legs so finding identifying marks when every inch of you is covered in bites isnt easy  (tyler was wearing insect repellent – smart boy).  Perhaps a spider, maybe even snake.  It wasn’t until 5 minutes later when I was in the car leaving, i began itching like a crazy, I got hot and I started to swell

In a matter of 10 minutes, I couldn’t even talk, my tongue was so swollen.  I was in anaphylactic shock.  The ambulance came and and administered some drugs to slow my heart and I took a ride to the hospital.

It was a pretty scary afternoon but hanging with Tyler made it all worth the excitement

Kellie Blinco Photography,

The Schellebeck Family : Gladstone Family Photography

The Schellebecks

Andrew and Rebecca and their two children Mason and Bryce make up the Schellebeck Family.  Andrew is a protective caring giving husband and father who loves the garden and his pride and joy, the Chevy.  Bec is a full time working Mum and proud of it.  Always busy looking after the boys, her family. Mason is 8 and he is an emotional, caring and giving child who’s friends and family are important to him.  Bryce, 4, is strong willed, stubborn and determined child who loves to give and receive lots of love and cuddles!

Bec and Andrew started dating 21 years ago and this year they celebrate their 17th wedding anniversary.  As parents, they say the best thing about is all the unconditional love and cuddles.  Hearing the kids laugh makes them smile and watching them grow in size and personality, nothing compares to being a parent.

Mason loves his mum because “cuddles on the couch and she makes the best spaghetti” and Bryce says “she takes me shopping, is nice to me and can be grouchy with me too.”

Mason says “I love hanging out with dad, playing outside and crossing in the Chevy.” and Bryce says “he cuddles me and I love him picking me up from daycare in the Chevy”

Mason says “Bryce is a  little annoying but I Love him.”

Bryce says “Mason plays wrestling and cricket with me”

Bec’s hopes and dreams for her lovely family are simple.  She hopes they are successful and succeed in whatever career and family life choices they make.  But most of all to be happy and healthy.

Thank you Schellebeck’s

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