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Steph and Sam : wedding

Steph & Sam, MR & MRS COLE!! Such a beautiful and romantic couple!

These guys have known each other since high school and remained friends for quite some time afterwards until one valentines day Sam plucked up the courage to ask Steph out with him, the rest as they say is history!


Steph and Sam’s wedding date was perfectly aligned with their anniversary, Valentines day! It doesn’t get any better than that, celebrating the biggest most important and memorable day of your life on the most romantic day of the year. Both of these guys love nothing more than being outdoors so found it very fitting to hold their ceremony and reception on Steph’s parents property in Miriam Vale and together the created a beautiful vintage/country outdoor scene complete with a gorgeous marquee draped in lights.

Steph was as cool as a cucumber when we first arrived, we snuck out back for some pre wedding portraits narrowly avoiding a catastrophe when the family’s pet goat decided Steph’s stunning vintage wedding dress looked rather yummy!!! About 30mins before the ceremony the nerves really started to kick in and the emotions came flooding when Steph’s Dad tenderly whispered how proud he was of his daughter, i can assure you there was hardly a dry eye in the house and Kellie has perfectly captured that moment for the family to treasure for a lifetime.

When Steph walked down the aisle Sam was grinning from ear to ear beaming with pride and adoration for his beautiful bride, you couldn’t pry these two apart from that moment forward.

In the next chapter of this love story they hope to buy their own home and start a family so one day they can pass down their love of the outdoors to their future children and spend the rest of their days camping and fishing, of course ever the gentleman Sam has promised to always let his gorgeous wife catch the first fish 😉

Thank you both for allowing us to be part of your love story and we wish you eternal happiness, adventure and plenty of fish!

<3 Nita & Kellie


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