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Meet Baby Lachlan | Newborn Photography

Meet Baby Lachlan | Newborn Photography

Delighted.  Elated.  Thrilled and thankful to be photographing this handsome little boy for Emily and Drew.  Please meet Lachlan,  He is Perfect in every way.

Welcome to your beautiful life x


Drew and Em’s Maternity images are here along with the story of his big sister Ashlynkellie blinco photography, newborn, emily and drew


Sarah | Paris on the Gold Coast

Sarah | Paris on the Gold Coast

For Sarah’s 30th, she celebrated by dressing up and being fabulous!

Sarah wanted a parisian inspired style so we visited a number of locations around the Gold Coast and finished of with a High Tea at the Palazzo Versace

Here is just a very small handful of the pics from the day
Kellieblincophotography-sarah-35 Kellieblincophotography-sarah-36Kellieblincophotography-sarah-3999 Kellieblincophotography-sarah-39 Kellieblincophotography-sarah-40 Kellieblincophotography-sarah-41 Kellieblincophotography-sarah-42 Kellieblincophotography-sarah-43


Tristan and Summer | Playdate

Tristan and Summer | Playdate

Photographing children, to get the best of them, just play and let them be.

I had my sheer with me that I use to diffuse light sometimes, so with Mum and Dad on either end of it, the kids played like kids should
Kellieblinco-child photgorapher-10 Kellieblinco-child photgorapher-11Kellie Blinco Photography


Jayson & Kym | Country Wedding | Kellie Blinco Photography

May Thirty-First, Twenty Fourteen

Sam and I headed out to Mt Larcom day for Kym and Jayson’s country wedding.  This wedding had so many little hand made details, it was such a personal day  for the couple which was held at their home.  From the moment we got there, we could see, how much work and love Kym and Jayson put into their special day.

On the morning of the wedding, Jayson was feeling great “I wasn’t nervous or worried. I knew I had to get up and help Kym set up our reception. I also knew everything was going to be ok and would be just the way Kym had planned it. “

The time came for Kym to finally get ready to marry the man of her dreams,  although it was a little later than she intended. “Once the dress was done up and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and my heart and tummy decided to turn up the butterflies. I didn’t even realise the power that a dress could have, it’s a once in a lifetime feeling.”

“Don’t cry, Don’t cry.  Keep breathing.   All the time and planning was all about walking down that aisle. Once I got to Jayson,  I was great, he just calms me and he looked very pretty too. Walking down the aisle is just such a strange feeling. It is hard to describe.” {Kym’s thoughts as she walked towards Jayson}

“Wholly she is so beautiful, I got a little bit nervous when the she turned up sitting in the back of the caddy with a cloud of material around her. Once Kym was standing in front of me,  my nerves went away and I felt calmer. He dress was just perfect too. She did good.” {Jayson’s thoughts when Kym walked towards him}

Judy Whicker, celebrant, married the couple right there on the family property.  Their little ring bearer (their super cute dog Marley) did an amazing job and was another way the couple made the ceremony their own.

For Kym, the whole day was pretty special.  “I liked how it all just flowed and was nice and relaxing. I did really enjoy when Jayson and I were announced as Husband and Wife and we got to have our special Kiss. Jayson is a great kisser.” {Kym} “Also,  getting to the end of the aisle. Once I got there and held Jayson’s hands I knew everything was going to be perfect from there on. There was so many best parts. I think the whole thing was the best part.” 

{Some of the moment during the day  that truly took Kym’s breathe away} “seeing myself in my dress for the first time. Getting out the Caddy and seeing all those people who made such an effort to come and share our special day. Seeing how beautiful my Mum looked and how handsome my dad and brother looked and how wonderful my Bridesmaids looked in their dresses. Everything just fell into place and was perfect. Best day ever.”

For Jayson, the parts of the day that made him smile the most were the reception.  “It was great catching up with family and friends. Oh, and knowing that Kym is my wife. That’s pretty awesome.” 

“The weather was perfect and it was so very special to be married on the family’s property where Jayson grew up. Another great memory made at home.” {kym}

Jayson was happy to see Kym remain such a calm bride throughout the day and when a few things didn’t go to plan, with the support of her bridesmaids and man of honour, nothing was going to get in the way of her enjoying every single second of their wedding day.

Kym and Jayson honeymooned in Fiji, and now they are back home and are reflecting on how amazing their day was, and dreaming of what their future will be.    It’s going to take Kym a while to get used to calling Jayson “her husband” she likes to call him “my Jayson”.  “Husband seems like such a wife thing to say and I don’t feel like a wife yet.”

Jayson’s dreams are simple: “To grow old together and stay best friends. Whatever else comes our way we will be able to get through it because we are stronger together.”

“I believe a good Husband means loving my wife with everything I have, looking after her as best I can and not making promises I can’t keep.  Kym was very beautiful on our wedding day, to me she is that beautiful everyday.” {Jayson}

The details we have covered in this post doesn’t even show all the amazing little pieces that were created for the wedding, but we have included a few for you all to have a look at.  We hope you enjoy the story of Kym and Jayson’s wedding day!  And we wish you Kym and Jayson, many many days of happiness together x


kbp-kj550 kbp-kj551 kbp-kj552 kbp-kj553 kbp-kj554 kbp-kj555 kbp-kj556 kbp-kj557 kbp-kj558 kbp-kj559 kbp-kj560 kbp-kj561 kbp-kj562 kbp-kj563 kbp-kj564 kbp-kj565 kbp-kj566 kbp-kj567 kbp-kj568 kbp-kj569 kbp-kj570 kbp-kj571 kbp-kj572 kbp-kj573 kbp-kj574 kbp-kj575 kbp-kj576 kbp-kj577 kbp-kj578 kbp-kj579 kbp-kj580All images Kellie Blinco / Sam McGrath KELLIE BLINCO PHOTOGRAPHY  copyright 2014



Linda + Gene | Love Story | Kellie Blinco Photography

Linda + Gene

Linda and Gene meet through mutual friends and started seeing each other on the 8-8-08

They adore spending time with each other, their friends and their pets. Some of their best times with one another is taking the dogs to the beach, camping and being with those they care about.

On December 29th, 2013 the couple where on Stradbroke Island, overlooking the Gold Coast.  Gene wrote in the sand, “Marry Me.”  After he was done, along came a big wave and washed it all away.

Gene thought, “can’t believe that wave just washed that away.  I hope she doesn’t say no!”

Linda couldn’t believe what had just happened (as she also couldn’t believe in that moment,  Gene had a beer in his hand)  ;P

Linda adores Gene and she loves that every morning, before he go’s to work, he kisses her on the forehead.  Gene thinks Linda is relaxed, easy going and very understanding.  That’s what he loves most about her.

As a couple, they want to enjoy life, and they want to travel.  They think,  they are are strong couple because they both also have their own interests and independnece so they don’t live in each others pockets.

Even though Linda puts the toilet paper the wrong way on the the holder and although Gene never uses a catcher when he mows, this couple have found love and will be saying their I Do’s very soon.  All they hope for the wedding day is that they have fun and that everything runs smoothly

Can’t wait to head to Agnes Water / 1770 to watch this pair get married!

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Kayla and Joel | Love Story

Kayla and Joel

Kayla and Joel met at friends 18th. They had been introduced briefly, but neither of them had really paid much attention. They were friends for a few years, before they began dating.

As it would turn out, in turned into love.  Kayla adores Joel’s personality and caring nature.  It doesn’t matter if she is upset or cranky, Joel can always make her smile.

Joel loves Kayla’s smile and her willingness to always be there to help other people.

When they started dating, they knew it was love from the start.  One of the pair would be on the road doing a 500 km trip for visits every few weekends.

The became engaged in September 2012, they had gone down to the Gold Coast for a week long holiday.  They had spent the day at Sea World and Joel carried the ring around all day long, waiting for the right moment – but unfortunately, the right moment didn’t arrive!  After trying to convince Kayla to climb the Q1 and Kayla talking him out of it because of her fear of heights, he ended up proposing in their motel room, before the went off to dinner.  It was perfect, because they could enjoy the moment, just the two of them.

In that moment of the proposal, Joel was nervous, excited, scared and happy, all while waiting for the right answer from Kayla.  Kayla was shocked and excited, all in one.  They had looked at rings on occasion, but never actually discussed when they wanted to get married, so it was a shock to Kayla (an awesome shock!)

Even though Joel sometimes zones out in the middle of a conversation and Kayla finds herself repeating things to him often (especially with the wedding plans!) she can never feel too annoyed at him because he is caring, loving and occasionally romantic.

Kayla constantly makes clicking noises which drives Joel a little up the wall, but her happy, caring and excitable nature means he also loves her little quirks.

They dream of travel, starting their own business and creating their own family in the future.  They both love spending time with their families, and they believe they were both raised with the same beliefs and values, making them a super strong couple.

In their spare time they camp, fish, go crabbing, 4 wheel driving and going to the beach. With their wedding coming up very soon, all they hope for is a smooth sailing fun filled day with family and friends.  And the creation of many wonderful memories!

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