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Kristy and Les | I Do

Kristy and Les | South Stradbroke Island, 21st June 2014

Myself and  Kim Smyth Photography headed down to the Gold Coast on the shortest day of the year, to photograph a wedding,  held at An Island Hideaway, South Stradbroke Island. Here is what Kristy and Les had to say about their special day.

Les woke up the morning of, feeling excited and just a little bit stressed!  Meanwhile, Kristy and the girls were relaxing and spent the morning getting pampered in preparation for the big moment.

Arriving at An Island Hideaway on the boat and seeing it all set up was one of the moments of the day, that took Kristy’s breathe away! As Kristy pulled on her beautiful dress you could see the excitement building for what was about to happen.  “I felt relieved that it was all finally happening, after so much work and planning of the wedding it was so lovely to think I was about to walk down the aisle, see my gorgeous husband and say our vows.” {Kristy}

While Kristy was dressing, Les and the boys were on a speedboat, making their grand arrival to the island.


As Kristy walked towards Les, down the beachside aisle  all she could think was how happy she was to see all of their family and friends being there for both Kristy and Les  and how excited she was too be marrying Les. As Les saw Kristy  all he could think was,  “she looked beautiful and this was really happening.” {Les}

Going over to the surf side of the island for their husband and wife photos was a very special part of the day for both of them.  “The weather and the beach were stunning and it was awesome for Les and I to have some more peaceful time together after such a hectic day.” {Kristy} On arrival, there was a beautiful little rainbow in the sky, it was another moment, that was breathtaking. it was just stunningly, perfect” {Kristy}

“The best part of the day was when the formalities were all over and Les and I were able to relax and have a fantastic time with our friends and family.  The socialising and dancing was definitely the highlight of the evening for me.” {Kristy}

“It feels wonderful to finally be able to call Les my husband.  He is an amazing guy and I’m very blessed to have found him.” {Kristy}

For Les, his dreams for him and his new wife, is simple – just to be healthy and happy for the rest of their lives.  Les believes being a good husband means to provide for his family and be there for them.

Kim and I had an absolutely fabulous day watching you guys say your I do’s and doing everything the way you wanted to do it!  Thanks for having us there, we have so many amazing moments captured for you, here are just a small portion of my favs, that I think tells your story x  Best Wishes

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Lauren and Mick | Love Story

Lauren and Mick
Lauren and Mick are both teachers, and met though work.

Mick had planned to propose on New Year’s Day.  However,  after a couple of his plans fell through, he ended up proposing outside the MCG in Melbourne, near Shane Warne’s statue.

Lauren,  was simply shocked  when the proposal happened. Mick was nervous, which is a very unusual feeling for him as he usually only gets nervous about football. When Lauren said Yes, he had an overwhelming feeling of relief, not that he considered for a minute that the answer would be no.

Mick- loves Lauren for her caring nature.   “The way she puts others first shows how kind her heart is.  I love that she is a go getter and makes things happen too.”

Lauren loves Mick because of his love of life and sense of humour.   “His ability to always have a positive outlook about everything.”

They knew it was love when they started to put each other first and think about a future together.   “That was a big step for two people who have been so independent for so long.” {Lauren}

Their dreams are to share their lives together and always enjoy life to its full potential. Having the ability to share a joke together and not to take each other too seriously is what makes them both smile.

“Our honesty and ability to communicate openly with each other.  We value each other as individuals as well as a couple.” {Lauren – on what makes them a strong couple}

They spend time together going on holidays, socialising with friends and just generally spending time together. Their  relaxed, easy going nature, is what makes them a unique couple and Lauren’s ability to put up with Mick’s loyalty to the Cronulla Sharks football club.

Lauren loves mick because of his loyalty to others and ability always see the positive in everyone.

For the wedding, the emphasis is to have a fun weekend with all of their family and friends.  “It is an opportunity to share this special occasion with all of the special people in our lives. “

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Danielle and Guy | maternity photography

Danielle and Guy | maternity photography

Becoming Parents for the first time is so exciting and a little bit scary all at once.  Maternity Photography is such a wonderful way to document not only your body while you are pregnant, but to document the end of the era and the beginning of a life that will never be the same again.

Cant wait to meet your darling baby Danielle and Guy

kellie blinco photography, maternity, danielle and guy

Kellie Blinco Photography, Maternity Photography

Rafe and Grady | Brothers

Rafe and Grady | Brothers

I have adored working with the Corbett Family over the years.  Nathan and Christee are such crazy awesome people.  Big Brother Rafe is basically, just an rad kid.  He is sweet, polite and I just know he loves his new brother, Grady.

Kellie Blinco - perth photographer -Grady Rafe

Kellie Blinco Photography, newborn photography, perth newborn photographer

Getting ready to say Goodbye, Gladstone Studio | Kellie Blinco Photography

If you had of told me 2 months ago, I’d be writing this post, I would have told you, you are out of your mind.

6 and a half years ago,  I jumped in feet first, completely fearless and even a bit, dare I say it, naive.  But I had this dream, to have a studio and spend my days working doing something I loved.

What happened next in my journey, in reflection, just blows my mind.  Gladstone, you embraced me! You made it possible for me to successfully create my business and thrive!  When I say business, really, it means so much more to me than that.  I know people regard work as just “a job, something you do for money” and its not something to be confused with life, but truthfully, I couldn’t have ever created my brand without being so completely passionate, invested and connected to you – my clients.

And I have had some amazing support from two people along the way who without them, things may not have been as amazing as they are right now.

Sam McGrath, who has been a massive part of the Gladstone Kellie Blinco Photography studio, since the very beginning, also as responsible for the success, we have shared together.  Two crazy pea’s in a pod, we grew together as photographers and she has been the ultimate partner in crime!  She is such a super talented photographer, she is the only other photographer in the whole wide world I would have wanted to share this adventure with.  She is like a sister to me <3

And 12 months ago, the beautiful Caity Pengelly came and saved me from what was absolutely going to end in me being an exhausted wreck.  She is the sweetest, most caring and generous person ever.  She is a shining star, I have big dreams for her! She has been responsible for the amazing care you have received when dealing with us.

You, every single one of you, have altered my life.  Some of you, I photographed your wedding, your babies as they came along and watched them grow into little people.  Your little people held my hand and cuddled me.  And not just your children, but you as well.  When my grandfather passed away, you bought me flowers, you hugged me when I burst into tears on you.  When you knew I was up all night and editing my brains out because I had been so busy, you dropped by with coffee’s and survival kits full of lollies and red bull.  On my birthday you came into the studio with cupcakes.  Or when it was your birthday, you came by with left over cake, for me.  You sent me gifts of your appreciation and thanks when I produced work for you, work that you had paid me to do.  My Gladstone studio hasn’t just  been a business.  It has been a huge part of my life…. because of you all.

Now I find myself, back where I was 6 and half years ago.  About to change my life in a major way.  Im not completely fearless this time though!  Im very emotional to give up what I have here, what I have worked so hard for. But what I do know for a fact is life is so short and it can be a crazy adventure, if you want it to be.

My Gladstone studio will cease to exist, with my last booking to be taken on November 16th, 2014.  I am heading off to Perth and will be taking Perth photography bookings once I get settled in, for 2015.

This year, I have felt like nothing I was trying to achieve with my permanent home for my studio, was working out.  No matter which avenue I was taking, I was getting road blocks.  I am a big believer that you end up where you are meant to and things fall into place.   So I leave Gladstone with big dreams still.

They are just different to the ones I had 6 years ago.  I hope when I get to Perth, I can still continue my business.  I hope I can find people in Perth who just like you did, will love my work.  I hope to continue to grow as  a photographer. The opportunity to look at my work with a new perspective, the ability I will have to have some growth in my craft, makes my heart sing with happiness.  But the driving force behind my decision was my greatest creations, Baily and Lachlan, my two boys who are now turning into actual little men.

I know they are proud of me, as proud as I am of them.  I just want more time with them, before they grow up and leave me.

So Gladstone, I don’t even know how to express my gratitude.  You taught me I can do anything I want to do, you taught me to have confidence in my abilities.  You have shown me  what success feels like  – when you have picked up your images and cried or told me how much you love the emotion I caught in your images, how when you look at them you can remember exactly how you felt in that moment – that to me is the very definition of achieving success in what I am doing.

I have some wedding bookings for 2015 and my family are here, so I will be back from time to time.  I will be available for sessions into next year at certain points, but stay in touch with me on my Facebook page, Ill be shouting out there when I know my dates of availability.  I will be around for the rest of the year and have opened up more spaces in my calendar so I can accommodate as many sessions as humanly possible before I go, so the time is now if you want me to photograph you before I head off on a new adventure! Or alternatively, if you are holidaying in Perth, I would be happy to photograph you in my soon to be new home!


QUESTIONS (that I think you might be thinking)

If you have a secured booking as of today, your booking is secure, it will be completed, by me.  I am going to come back for ALL of my current 2015 commitments.  I have always worked professionally and I would never ever ever do something as unprofessional as turn my back on my commitments. ever.

Gift Vouchers:  

-We will not be selling any further gift vouchers for our Gladstone Studio

-We will be in touch with all outstanding recipients to secure your session over the coming weeks, if you have a certificate you want to use, feel free to touch base with us.

PAST CLIENTS:  My business is not closing down, it is relocating.  Your files will always be available for purchase, orders etc.  My website, Facebook page, phone number will always remain.  I can easily take your orders from Perth and have your orders delivered!


We are still offering interest free take home lay by on all future sessions. We will not be able to accept any in house lay-bys unless they can be completed by 1st November, 2014.

Im still around for a good 5 months yet,  and as always, you are always welcome to make an appointment if you are interested in our collections (although spaces are limited) or if you have any concerns, drop us a line at

much love xo








Alyssa + Troy | Love Story

Alyssa and Troy

They were friends in High School and went on a date in Year 10 that went terribly.  They didn’t run into each other again until 2007 and they have been together ever since.

The night before Alyssa’s 30th, at the dam on their property, Troy proposed. “I couldn’t believe it was actually happening!  I couldn’t stop screaming!” {Alyssa}

Troy could only think in that moment “Don’t drop the ring!”

They knew it was love, from the beginning.  Alyssa believes they are strong as a couple because Troy is so patient and they understand each other. They love to just hang out, camping and working on their property, which they aspire to have their house completed and one day start a family.

Troy thinks it’s cute when Alyssa snorts when she is laughing, but the fact she is never ready on time, pushes his buttons.  Troy has to sleep with a fan on, no matter what the temperature and it drives Alyssa crazy, but each others little quirks, make them love each other more!

There wedding day dreams are simple – they want to have an amazing day, filled with love and happiness.  I am sure they will get there wish, they are such a great couple! Looking forwards to the big day!

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