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Leanne + Mic | The secret Wedding

Leanne and Mic | The Secret Wedding 

When Leanne came in to the studio and told me of her and Mic’s plans for their secret wedding, I was so excited for them!  I always love see Brides and Grooms breaking tradition and doing it their way! Here is a little about their Love Story, Their Secret Wedding and their reveal night (AKA the engagement party that happened after the wedding)

Leanne and Mic have been together for four years, they met through friends. They were good friends for 5 years before they started dating, they both secretly liked each other, but never knew until they went on their first date!

When they visited New Zealand, it was their anniversary.  Mic proposed at night overlooking the whole of Queenstown which was “all lit up and beautiful!”

He got down on one knee, (he asked Leanne’s Dad for permission before they went away).  Mic  had Leanne’s ring custom made, as he didn’t like any of the ones she had picked out!! (He had asked Leanne nearly a year before this for her ring size and pictures of what she liked – sneaky sneaky!!!)

“She (Leanne) is strikingly beautiful, to a degree that is not seen often nowadays with all the fake social media selfies and edited pictures, reminiscent of early pin-up era. She’s caring, thoughtful and incredibly selfless. Most of all though my soul mate, accepts me, my passion/interests and not only allows me to indulge in them, but tries to understand and be a part of them with me.” Mic

Leanne loves Mic’s sense of humour, compassion and although he wont admit to it but he is very romantic.   “I love when he talks about his car and his whole face just lights up, he’s very passionate about cars! And of course he’s very handsome, but hates me saying that!! I love his cheeky smile!” Leanne

The morning of the wedding, Mick woke up and was feeling excited and nervous, hoping that the day would be all the Leanne wanted.

The wedding day came around, Leanne kept some of the traditions in their day.  She had an old necklace, Mic’s mum had given to her to use that belonged to Mic’s Grandmother.  New, was the dress.  Borrowed, the bracelet Leanne wore was borrowed from her Mum, and under her shoes, she painted them Blue.

“Putting the dress on, I was relieved that it fit, and all the accessories went with it! (Only had the dress for 3 days before we got married, never got a chance to try it all on together)” {Leanne}

Leanne and Mic did a first look, prior to the ceremony, it was one of the moments of the day that took Leanne’s breathe away. “It was very emotional” {Leanne}

Seeing Leanne at the first look, was Mic’s favourite part of the day.  As an observer of such an amazing moment, I have to tell you, there were tears all round!  It was the sweetest

The time came for the ceremony to take place out on Tannum Esplanade, with celebrant Roy Taylor, and a small group of their family and friends, Leanne walked towards her husband to be.

“I was concentrating on not tripping or falling over, and trying to take it all in, it all goes so quickly, I wanted to remember every moment.” Leanne

When Mic saw Leanne coming towards him, he felt relief that she hadn’t changed her mind about being his wife! “Excited and proud, that I was going to finally marry my dream girl.” Mic

For Leanne, the best of the day was how intimate it was, and that it was a secret! “We were living in a secret married bubble and only a few people knew! It was very hard to keep it quiet!!” Leanne

“We had a very untraditional wedding day, not everyone would be happy with how we did it, but we both wanted something small and intimate, we don’t like being the centre of attention or large crowds, so it was perfect for us! The “engagement” party was on our anniversary, and it was one year exactly since Mic proposed, we knew we had to have our party on that night! So it was a rush to get married before then!! It was so exciting; I was shaking when we played the slideshow. The anticipation of everyone about to find out that we were already married was intense!!! Luckily everyone was pleasantly shocked; there were lots of happy tears, mostly from me! Glad we did it backwards, it was a wonderful week!!” Leanne + Mic

I asked Mic what his dreams were for their future. “For us to live comfortably with a little family.”  and on what being a good husband means “I’m still working on that one! But as long as we love each other and communicate (the latter is not my strong suit) then I feel we can overcome any adversity. ”

Calling Mic “her husband”  feels wonderful and weird to Leanne.  “Every time I introduce him as my husband I get a silly grin on my face!”

“We had a very untraditional wedding day, not everyone would be happy with how we did it, but we both wanted something small and intimate, we don’t like being the centre of attention or large crowds, so it was perfect for us!” Leanne + Mic

The “engagement” party was on their anniversary and it was one year exactly since Mic proposed to Leanne.  “we knew we had to have our party on that night! So it was a rush to get married before then!!”

“It was so exciting; I was shaking when we played the (reveal) slideshow. The anticipation of everyone about to find out that we were already married was intense!!! Luckily everyone was pleasantly shocked; there were lots of happy tears, mostly from me! Glad we did it backwards, it was a wonderful week!!”
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Haidee and Brendan | Love Story

Haidee and Brendan \ The Love Story

How they met: “Our workplaces provided a service to each other and in our roles; we were the people that exchanged information to enable that process.  We were laughing one day about how much we were annoying each other, and agreed that we were actually the only people that didn’t annoy each other at all!  It was at that point where we became tentative friends, then ‘email buddies’ (in-joke), then completely and utterly reliant on each other for entertainment, conversation and occasional counselling, every day.  Each day started by reading each other’s emails from the night before and for the first time in our lives, we were both excited to go to work because lurking somewhere in our dreary Inboxes, was the best person we’d ever met and the reason for our workday smiles.”

Why Brendan loves Haidee:  “The one thing that I love the most about Haidee is her incredible smile.  From the very first time I saw her smile, she absolutely captivated me.  It lights up my life, and making her smile is exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life.  Her happiness means everything to me, and I am so honoured to be able to spend my life with her and be able to show her every day how much I love her. “

Why Haidee loves Brendan:  “To begin with – everything.  Bren has an incredible capacity for love and he is so amazingly considerate, thoughtful and selfless; both as my fiancé and as a Daddy to our little fluffy man.  He has the infectious enthusiasm and excitement of a little boy, but the fortitude and strength to be a remarkably nurturing and protective partner.  He always makes me feel so safe, loved and understood.  He’s extraordinarily snuggly and affectionate!  Bren’s a hand holder, a ‘cuddler’, a PDA specialist, and the world’s best pillow…when I’m sick he strokes my hair until I fall asleep…it’s that innate sweetness about him that I love.  It’s how we’re connected on a very basic level that really confirms that we’re meant for each other.  I love the smell of his skin, the touch of his hand and his beautiful smile that lights up his whole face.  I love that he tells me that he loves me in his sleep and that his love is instinctive and completely natural.  He makes me a better person and I love him more than anything.”

When did you know it was love // Brendan:  “I knew I was completely in love with Haidee from the instant our lips touched for our first kiss.  I already knew I loved her, because not a moment went past that she wasn’t on my mind or the focus of my thoughts.  But from the second I kissed her, my life changed.  It was in this amazing person that I knew held the rest of my life.  I’ll never forget when or where we were the first time I told Haidee that I love her, and that was a hugely important place for me when it came to planning my marriage proposal to her.”

When did you know it was love // Haidee: “He was already the best part of my days before I’d ever met him.  Bren and I were ‘email buddies’ long before we ever met face-to-face and through that relationship, I grew to love absolutely everything about him.  I grew to rely on his emails and he on mine, to the point where if either of us had a day off, we would email from home just so we didn’t have to miss each other.  We were already so in love without ever having seen each other’s face.  One day he said he was coming to my work to visit a colleague and would drop in to see me.  I panicked!  I heard him come into the room and in my panic; I decided it would be a brilliant idea to hide in a huge filing cabinet with no exit strategy (doh!).  I was literally crouching in a compactus when we met!  He walked over to me; I looked up and knew with absolutely every fibre of my being, that his blue eyes were the eyes I was meant to stare into for the rest of my life.  I consider myself so lucky because I got to experience an innocent ‘growing love’,’ love at first sight’ and ‘true love’, all with the best guy in the world.”


Their dreams to accomplish together //  To have adventures together, to grow a little family, to see the world, to experience everything that life has to offer, and to still pinch each other’s asses in our eighties (wrinkly bums notwithstanding).    We want to live an authentic life where we are mindful, generous, joyous, kind and humble.  We want to jump in puddles together, have food fights, make each other giggle, and start silly fights purely for the make-up sex.  We want to enjoy, appreciate and inspire each other to do great things… and we will, because we have each other.  Of all the things we’ve yet to accomplish, we know that it’s all easy because we’ve already done something that most people never do…we’ve found the person that makes our hearts happy, our days worthwhile, and our future a source of never-ending enthusiasm and hope.”

NOTE: (at the demand of Mortimer Franklin Hermann – 4 yr old Labrador/baby boy): Most importantly at this point, we are committed to providing our fluffy little boy with the most luxurious, carefree life known to man…which we think we’re already doing, though Mortimer would probably find room for improvement (i.e more piggy ears and less wee-wees in the rain). 

What makes you smile // Brendan:  “Haidee makes me smile.  Our life together makes me so incredibly happy, and I can’t help but smile at the fact that I’m in love with the best girl in the world.  Every day when I come home from work, Haidee and Mortimer are waiting at the door for me smiling.  That is one of the best sights in my entire life, as I spend all day counting down the seconds until I get to be back with her, and to see her as happy as I am is a wonderful feeling.  Every single time Haidee tells me that she loves me, I can’t help but smile.  It’s a completely involuntary reaction, and it happens because I know just how lucky I am to have her. “

What makes you smile // Haidee:  “Our little family makes me smile a goofy, love-struck smile every day!    I know exactly how lucky I am and exactly how amazing our little family is.  I love coming home to Bren’s enormous hugs and kisses and Morty’s wiggling butt and super wet ‘kisses’…I feel so loved and valued by them.  I love that at the end of the night we all go to bed together and watch the Food Channel in bed.  My head on Bren’s chest and Morty sandwiched between us, wiggling around trying to pick which parent will be his pillow tonight.  And in the morning, I wake to Bren’s muffled ‘I love you baby’ and Morty’s little wet nose on my face.  Then our epic weekends!  Markets, breakfast dates, beach trips with Morty, baking, snuggles, love…just love.  My whole life makes me smile and my boys are the entire reason for that.”

 What makes you a strong couple //  “We are so strong because we unequivocally know, without doubt, that we are with our soul-mate.  We have always had the belief that there is someone out there for everyone and we know that we’re each other’s ‘someone’.  We recognise something in each other that we see in nobody else.  We know that in each other, we have found our true love, our support system, our family.  We know that our future has limitless potential because we have the foundation of love, respect, trust and endless faith in each other, that we can do anything together.  There will never be a challenge too great or an adventure too wild for us because together, we’re capable of anything and we can always rely on each other.  We’re never really apart; we’re in pretty much constant communication with each other, no matter whether we’re each at work or at home, and we’re both at the front of each other’s mind every minute of the day.  We care so deeply about our relationship and we’ll always make the effort to maintain it.  We’ve committed to keep it interesting, to never get lazy or take it for granted, to communicate, and to really listen to each other with open minds and hearts.  We know that we can share our deepest, darkest secrets with each other, and that our relationship is the safest possible place that either of us could be in.”

Things you enjoy doing together //  We are both massive ‘foodies’ and love cooking culinary masterpieces together.  Our first date was spent making dinner together and we still love cooking together and for each other, it’s a way of nurturing each other and it’s another way that we connect as a couple, and as a team.  We also love animals and our little fluffy boy is the centre of our existence.  Mortimer is such an amazing little soul and he gives so much joy and happiness, we love nothing more than just being together as a family. As clichéd as it sounds, we simply enjoy spending our lives together.  We’ve been together nearly 5 years and going on dates with each other are still as exciting now as they were when we first met.  We love going to food markets together and concocting amazing dishes out of our purchases together. We love taking Morty to the beach, running with him and taking him for ‘swimmies’ – his bouncy exuberance honestly makes our hearts explode with happiness!  We’re probably a bit strange in that we love doing simple things like shopping for homewares or buying groceries together.  It’s an incredible feeling to know that the person you’re sharing your everyday life with is the right person for you in every possible way, and that makes every experience, no matter how normal, seem amazing.

What makes you a unique couple  // Our lifestyle makes us unique.  We have created the happiest family environment among ourselves and our perfect, furry little boy in Mortimer.  Sometimes we need to be creative with the time we spend together and the ways that we communicate due to our working arrangements, but we always have and always will make things work because we crave each other.  We love our adventures as a family, we absolutely adore our dates together, but we also love our downtime.  The days where we hang out in our pyjamas, watch movies and snuggle.  For us, we’ve always been more than enough for each other.  Being together and spending time with each other is our idea of perfection; our love for each other continues to grow with each passing day and we get to spend an entire lifetime together.  It’s so much more than we could ever have hoped for!

 “I love how caring and loving Haidee is towards everyone that she meets.  I love how the first thing she does every day after coming home from work is dropping her bag on the floor so she can give Mortimer big cuddles.  I love that she instinctively grabs my hand whenever we’re beside each other.  I love how when I leave for work early in the mornings and I tell her that I love her, she smiles and says it back in her sleep.  I love absolutely everything about her, and I know that I’m the luckiest guy in the world to be marrying her.” Brendan

“I love his enormous heart.  I’ve always been such an independent person and yet, Bren takes care of me which such tenderness and sweetness.  He’s so thoughtful and will always think of everyone else before himself.  He is the most loving, attentive and supportive partner that I could ever ask for and he is the best Daddy in the world to our fluffy little man.  He has this beautiful child-like quality to him and he’s such a ‘boy’, which I absolutely love!  He loves superheroes, Disney/Pixar movies and pretty much every sport known to man.  I honestly believe that Bren knows the score to any game being played at any moment day or night…he’s like a walking scoreboard…it’s pretty darn impressive!  But he also has an innate softness that is utterly adorable.  We share a box of tissues whenever we’re watching any movie with children or animals in it, he remembers all of our special moments in detail, and he makes utterly divine Turkish Delight Crème Brulèe for me.  To me, he is perfect.” Haidee

The Proposal // Brendan:  “On a day that we’ll never forget, 16th September 2012 changed our lives in so many ways.  I had actually been planning to propose to Haidee much earlier than this; however there were delays with the ring I’d picked out coming in from the jewellers!  I had the whole day planned out, with a breakfast date and a trip to the Botanical Gardens, with the intention of getting on one knee and asking Haidee to be my wife in the same place that I first told her that I love her.  Eventually the ring came in, and the plan started to come together.  Keeping the secret from her was the hardest part, because neither of us is any good at all with keeping things from each other – we invariably know about all presents and gifts to each other long before they’re actually given!  I thought Haidee might be on to me when I was wearing a jacket and refused to take it off, as the pockets were the only ones that would fit the ring box!  But we had a fantastic morning, followed by a walk around the gardens, and as the time drew closer my heart was thumping through my chest and I felt like I had butterflies the size of eagles in my stomach.  I asked Haidee “What do you think about spending the rest of your life with me?” and before she could really respond, I was on one knee with my hands shaking, trying to undo the bow on the box.  Her hands flew to her mouth in surprise, and she said yes before I even finished asking her to marry me.  The ring fit her finger perfectly, and we both had more than a few happy tears in our eyes.”

“My thoughts at the moment I was about to propose were complete nervousness!  I can honestly say that no matter how long you’ve been with someone, how sure you are that they will say yes, the act of proposing to your partner is one of the most nerve-wracking things you’ll ever do.  In that moment, all I could hope for was that Haidee could see in me someone that is going to cherish her for the rest of my life, and that saying yes would be the best decision she could make.  The feeling of happiness that washed over me as soon as the tears welled up in her eyes and she nodded is absolutely memorable, and I know that will be even more intense when I’m standing at the end of the aisle as she comes towards me and our future on our wedding day.” Brendan

(i felt, at the proposal) Complete shock, which was absolutely ridiculous considering that we’d always talked about marriage like it was inevitable natural progression…but it’s so different when it actually happens!  We were having one of those perfect days and were at the Botanical Gardens; which is a really special place for us, just wandering around looking at the animals, holding hands and generally loving our perfect little life.  It was already a great day!  We’d walked in to the bird aviary where we first admitted our love for each other so many years before, and Bren started talking about marriage and spending our lives together.  I totally didn’t catch on…Bren is a diehard romantic; he talked about marriage all the time so I really didn’t think anything was happening.  He fell to one knee and before he could even finish the sentence, I covered my face with my hands and said YES!  I’ve only ever been as certain about one other thing in my life and that was all those years ago in the filing cabinet…I was completely dazed!  I think I had little cartoon hearts shooting out of my head all day!  All I could think was ‘I am the luckiest person in the world’, and I know that I am.” Haidee

What are your hopes and dreams for the wedding // “For our day to capture the essence of who we are and for our guests to know how grateful we are for them to be in our lives.”

“To see all of Haidee’s intricate planning and all of the special, personal touches she’s created for our day to come to life.  I hope that in me, Haidee knows without any doubt that I always have and always will feel like the luckiest guy in the world to be sharing our wedding day with her.  I hope that when we say our vows that I can actually get through them without turning into a blubbering mess, and that she can see just how important she is to me and how certain I am that spending my life with her is all I will ever want.” Brendan

“To spend a perfect, life-changing day with my gorgeous Bren and our loved ones.  Every aspect of our wedding has been planned and personalised to be specifically ‘Haids and Bren’, because we want our day to really reflect what we love, and who we are as a couple.  We’ve written our own vows, chosen every single song, designed our own menu and signature cocktails, designed all of our own stationery, and worked with the best suppliers possible to ensure that our shared vision is achieved.  It’s incredibly detailed because to us, it’s the little things that make a life wonderful.  I know that it will be perfect because I get to marry the best person in the whole world, and to me that will be greatest moment of my life.” Haidee


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Linet | Family

Linet | Family


Linet came into the studio to have a chat as she wanted to organise some photo’s to be taken with her Mum and Dad and her brothers

They had some idea’s they wanted to do in the shoot and they were looking for some fun and quirky images.  The had lots of props they wanted to use in the pics, as they all were important to them

We went to the historical village which I think worked well with the look they were going for.  Thanks Linet and family x

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