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Gene and Linda | Agnes Water I Do’s

Gene & Linda

August 30th 2014

Gene woke on the morning of August 30th at Sandcastles, Agnes Water, nervous but excited for the day ahead.  Down the path and on to the beach, was the spot Linda and Gene decided to say their I Do’s.

Linda was relaxing, getting her hair and make-up done, ready for the moment when she would walk across the beach to meet the man she was going to Marry.

As she walked towards Gene, all she could think was “Don’t trip”  Linda wasn’t nervous at all, just eager to see Gene waiting for her at the end of the aisle.

All Gene could think as he watched Linda walk, was how beautiful his Bride looked.

The ceremony setting was simply beautiful and serene, the perfect place to say their vows.  For Linda, hearing the vows that Gene had written and read out to her, was the most special part of the day.

For Gene, walking back up the aisle as husband and wife was his favourite part of the day, hand in hand, the walked.  Mingling with guests, receiving their well wishes and hugs of congratulations was another highlight for the couple.

The reception was held in a marque at the Golf Club, it was filled with all their favourite in the whole world.  For Linda, the first dance was completely breathe taking, especially when almost every person there joined them on the dance floor, it was just one of those never forget moments.

The wedding day came and went and now Linda and Gene are starting their journey as a married couple. Linda can’t get used to using her new name yet!  As newlyweds, it seems their future together is strong because Gene knows being a husband means making Linda hot chocolate and not forgetting the marshmallows.

Linda and Gene, it was a pleasure to be there to watch you both on this very special day, thank you x

Brides dress ~ Gladstone Bridal //  Bridesmaids dresses ~ Gladstone Bridal //  Suits ~ Emale, Gladstone // Flowers ~ Jan’s Flower Shoppe // Make-up ~ Caitlin Pengelly, Forever Flawless make-up and beauty // Hair ~ Clare Thompson //  Cake ~ Surprise me by Heidi // Celebrant ~ Penny Millar, 1770 Agnes Water Celebrant  // Reception ~ 1770 Golf Course // wedding Co-ordinator ~ Jo-Anne Lawrence ~ 1770 Golf Course weddings //  photography by KELLIE BLINCO PHOTOGRAPHY copyright 2014


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Taryn + Tyrin are getting married

Taryn and Tyrin

Taryn and Tyrin and met, when a mutual friend invited Taryn to a party, that was being held at Tyrins house.  It must have been love at first sight, as they have been together ever since.

It’s hard for Taryn to pick just one thing she loves about her fiance – “He’s got the biggest heart, he is caring, funny, always positive and he is the most amazing, loving and devoted father to our children”

“I would say, the thing I love most about Taryn, is she finds the good in everyone” Tyrin

Together as a couple, their children are their world and they make them smile everyday.  Their dreams are to raise their kids to be the best that they can be and to travel as much as they can.

They are a strong couple, like most people, have had obstacles to overcome, but here they are ready to say their I Do’s <3

The proposal happened on the 9th of December, 2012.

“It was at my brothers house in front of all my family.  Tyrin had a nice little area outside set up with candles, flowers and a “Marry Me?” sign.  It was so beautiful and one of the happiest moments of my life!  I was so happy my family were also a part of it” Taryn

For their wedding day, their wishes are simple – to have a perfect day celebrating their love for eachother with all their family and their friends.

See you guys on the weekend!

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Joel + Kayla | Rainy I Do’s

August 16th, 2014

Kayla and Joel

The day was rainy and fabulous.  Joel woke up and was excited that it was the day he would marry the woman of his dreams.

Not too far away, Kayla was starting her preparations for the day before she made the journey to the church.  A church where she would be married to Joel, by her Grandfather.  Kayla had her traditional something old, something new, something borrowed something blue incorporated in her day,  a broach which belonged to her grandads mum and a locket which belonged to her grandmas mum.

Putting on her wedding dress, was a mix of emotions for Kayla “I felt like a princess and a little overwhelmed with excitement that the time was nearly, finally here to head to the church.” 

For Joel, seeing Kayla walk into the church, was one of his favourite moments of the day. “I was nervous and excited and it was definitely the happiest I have ever felt in my life, no one could of taken the smile off of my face. I had to fight to hold back the tears of happiness. “

And in the same moment, when Kayla saw Joel, as she stood at the top of the aisle, she lost her breathe for a moment.   “I was nervous and excited and just couldn’t wait to get to the end of the aisle where I could finally stand beside joel as we took the first steps towards the rest of our lives together.”

Having her Grandfather marry them, made it all that more special to Kayla.  An intimate and extraordinary joining of their two lives together.

Kayla and Joel had been looking for something a little different for their wedding photos in the lead up to their special day, and I think, even though we couldnt have planned it, the downpours that day gave them everything they were looking for and more.  Other than the marrying of her new husband, puddle jumping and pink gumboots was the other fun part for Kayla!

After some fun with the portraits, the reception awaited – with all their adoring family and friends ready to celebrate the night together.

Rain hail or shine, a wedding day is about the marriage and celebration and Sam and I would like to say a big THANKS to Kayla and Joel for really embracing everything their day turned out to be – and I think it turned out to be pretty wonderful!

The wedding is over now and Kayla is finding it a little weird to call Joel “her husband” after calling him her partner/fiance for a little while now.

Joel dreams of starting their family and living long and very happy lives with one another.  I asked Joel what does it mean to be a good husband.  His reply  “being faithful, honest, loyal and always being there for Kayla. Most importantly never being to proud to say yes dear haha”

I think you have  it right Joel!

Brides dress ~ Stella York, Gladstone Bridal  //  Bridesmaids dresses ~  Crux, Gladstone Bridal  //  Suits ~ Lowes // Flowers ~  The Beez Neez of Flowers // Hair & Makeup by hair ~ Lily Hair  //  make up ~ Tracey Vassie // Rings ~ Michael Hill // Cake ~ Cake’n’Candy // Minister ~ Stan Keune (Kaylas Grandfather)  //  Reception ~ The Grand Hotel Gladstone //  Reception Decoration ~ Sarah from the Beez Neez Of Flowers

Photography – KELLIE BLINCO PHOTOGRAPHY by Kellie Blinco + Sam McGrath copyright 2014

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Alyssa and Troy // wedding day

Alyssa and Troy – August 23rd, 2014

Marrying the man of her dreams.  Thats what the day was about. Alyssa is one of the most bubbly personalities I have had the pleasure of working with.  I met her the morning of her wedding day to photograph some of her preparations and her smile was present from the moment I saw her til the moment I left her that day.  After hair and make-up, it came time for Alyssa to put on her dress.

“I felt like a princess (when I put the dress on) I couldn’t stop smiling” Alyssa

Meanwhile, out on the property, Troy was buzzing around, getting everything set up and creating the perfect setting for the pair to say their vows.  Troy had woken up that morning feeling pretty relaxed with just a little bit of nervous energy.  The ceremony was held on the couples property, where the house built in the 20s or 30s is currently being renovated and one day will become their home.

The guests arrived and Troy took his place to wait for Alyssa.  As the doors to the aisle opened, Alyssa, with her Mum and Dad by her side,  couldn’t stop thinking about, how lucky she felt, to be marrying such a wonderful man.”

All Troy could think was, “Wow, she looks so beautiful”

Saying their vows, was one of the moments during the day that took Alyssa’s breathe away.

At the reception, the first dance, made Alyssa feel, so loved.

Troy dreams for their future are simple – to finish their house, have a family and to live happily ever after.

Congratulations Alyssa and Troy!

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brides dress ~ Allure // suits ~ Connor  //  Flowers ~Judy’s wedding bouquets + hire  //  Hair and Make-up Artist ~ Amelia Williams  // Rings (bride) ~ Scott Jones (esjay) ~ (groom) ~ Mystique Jewellers  // Cake ~ Cake Crafters Rockhampton // Celebrant ~ Sherry Davidson  // Ceremony Venue ~ Couples property // Reception ~ Glenmore Homestead // copyright kellie blinco photography 2014