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Charley and Andrew // I Do

September 27th 2014

by kellie blinco + sam mcgrath

The morning of the wedding Andrew woke feeling Calm, “which was unexpected, and I was excited.  Then I started thinking about my ‘List of things to do’ – which started with breakfast with my family (first time we’d all been together for 16 years).” ~ Andrew

“During the morning, I stopped past the church to do a few things (part of my list) and had the place to myself.  Everything was set up and so it looked perfect  I took a few moments to sit quietly and reflect/contemplate which I very much enjoyed & appreciated.  It put the entire day (& the future) in perspective & was very meaningful for me.  Then I raced out the door and continued with my list……”  ~ Andrew

Meanwhile not far away, Charley was preparing for the moment she would walk down the aisle.

When the time came, she walked with her Dad, to marry the man of her dreams.  “As I walked down the aisle I was just trying to take everything in.” ~ Charley

Charley experienced more breathtaking moments “Catching my first glimpse of Andrew through the side door at the church and then getting to him at the end of the aisle… He looked so handsome!”

Andrew could only look at Charley as she came toward him and think about how lovely and relaxed she looked.  “Also, she had painted me a picture that her dress – which I’d not seen until that point – was ‘meringue like’ & so I was extremely impressed in how not meringue like it was, and so how beautiful the dress in fact was and how (more) delicious Charley looked in it.  I was a bit impressed!!  I also noticed her Dad was crying…”  ~  Andrew

The whole day was perfect for Charley, she could really nail down a favourite part of the day “but being pronounced husband and wife was pretty cool.”

On their exit from the church, I don’t think there was a dry eye to be seen,  with a surprise live rendition of “All you need is Love” being another special part of the day for the couple.

“I will always remember wondering what the loud ripping/tearing noise was at one point to look down after the ceremony and see that my dress had a massive tear in it. I think I will always remember standing there while my very new husband knelt in the gravel to sew my wedding dress back together.” ~  Charley

The reception held at Scotties “was relaxing and fun (& added to the euphoric day) – and despite our plans to leave earlyish, we were having so much fun we ended up amongst the last to leave!!!!”~  Andrew

Now the wedding is over, the couple are enjoying their europe trek and Charley has told me in email that they are enjoying every second!  But when the honeymoon is over, they wish for a happy and healthy future where all their dreams are realised.

When Charley was asked how it feels to call Andrew her “Husband” she replied “I love calling Andrew my husband and I really love hearing him call me his wife. I was so excited when he first called me his wife in his speech at the reception that I squealed!”

Congratulations from Sam and I – we really enjoyed being there to watch it all happen <3

Dress by ~ Maggie Sottero //  Junior Bridesmaids dresses ~ Kershur Mills //  Brides Shoes ~ Shoes of Prey  // Suit by ~ Hugo Boss //  Flowers by ~ Jans Flower Shoppe  // Hair ~ Hair Culture by Raylene  // Bridesmaids makeup ~ Anna at Hair Culture by Raylene  //  Rings ~ Ringleaders, Brisbane //  Cake ~ Judy Neville  // St Saviours Church ~ Father Daniel  //  Reception ~ Scotties Bar & Restaurant   //  Photography copyright 2014 kellie blinco + Sam McGrath  KELLIE BLINCO PHOTOGRAPHY


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Charley Andrew | Love Story

Charley and Andrew

Before I pop Charley and Andrew’s wedding day in the journal, I have to tell you about their love story <3  I am running a tad behind, between wedding season and deciding to move across the countryside to Perth, life has been a little busy!

A mutual interest in helping the community through a part time emergency service role is what introduced the couple.  Andrew knew pretty soon after that it was love, and that he couldn’t imagine life without Charley.

Mostly, Andrew loves how kind and considerate Charley is.  And Charley loves that Andrew is so caring, loving, thoughtful, generous and patient.

The simple things make them smile – Andrew when he wakes up and see’s Charley’s face every morning.  And Charley smiles when Andrew comes through the door at the end of the day

Together they love going on adventures.  Right now the pair are off on the adventure of a lifetime on their honeymoon.

The proposal came watching sunset at the 1770 lookout.  Andrew wasn’t sure what Charley’s answer would be.  But clearly, she said yes!

The pair make a strong couple because the compliment each other – Andrew is very quiet and Charley will talk to anyone.

“I love that Andrew tells me lovely little stories while I am still half asleep every morning”  Charley

“I love Charley’s attention to detail”  Andrew

Their future hopes are to have a happy healthy family and a long and fulfilling life together with lots of adventures along the way.

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Tyrin and Taryn | Wedding | Kellie Blinco Photography

Tyrin and Taryn

September 20th, 2014

When September 20th finally rolled around, Bride Taryn found herself feeling so many mixed emotions.  “I was so nervous but so excited and happy the day was finally here and I couldn’t wait to walk down that aisle.”

Getting into her dress, was one of her favourite parts of the morning “Planning a wedding for so long and waiting to be able to finally wear it was so exciting! it made it all feel so real.”

Over at Kalori, Tannum Sands, nervous Groom Tyrin, was greeting guests and making sure everything was perfect for Taryn’s arrival.  “I couldn’t wait for her to arrive”

When the moment came, Taryn was walking across the grass to get to the aisle, with her dad by her side, all Tyrin could think to himself was “don’t cry, it was very emotional”

Taryn was also begging herself in her mind not to trip over.  “I remember saying to Dad don’t stand on my dress and then he stood on my dress lol”

“Walking up that aisle was very emotional and one of the best feelings! I just couldn’t wait to be able to call Tyrin my husband. ” 

The whole day was so special for Tayn, but when asked to choose one moment,  “definitely be when we were pronounced husband and wife.”

Saying their vows to one another was a moment that took Taryn’s breathe away.  Tyrin’s favourite part of the day was standing in front of Taryn saying their vows and being able to call her his wife.



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Bride & Bridesmaid dresses: Gladstone Bridal

Suits: Cavaliers Menswear

Hair: Alarna Taylor (Unique Mobile Hair & Make-up)

Make-up: Danielle Vicente

Flowers: Jans Flower Shoppe

Wedding Decorator: Capricorn Event Decorator

Cake: Cake Creations Gladstone

Images Kellie Blinco Photography 2014


Rafe | Child Photographer

Rafe | Child Photography

The faces of Rafe in less than 2 minutes

This is why children are so fun to work with! They are so true to themselves and their feelings are always expressed  freely, right there on their face!

Kellie Blinco Photography - child portrait- rafe-363
Kellie Blinco Photography, Child Photographer, Perth Photographer

Lauren and Mick | Agnes Water / 1770 Rainy day wedding

Sunday 21st September, 2014

Agnes Water / 1770

Being with family and friends and sharing an enjoyable day together, was one of Lauren and Mick’s main priorities for their Agnes Water wedding.

The morning of the wedding Mick woke, feeling excited and just a little bit anxious for the day ahead.

Lauren was relaxed, preparing for the big event, spending the morning with her family and bridesmaids.  The moment she put on her dress, she felt excited.  She knew it meant being married, wasn’t far away.

The weather looked questionable all morning and as the guests started to arrive to the Community Centre, where Mick and Lauren had planned their ceremony to be held indoors with a full service, the heavens opened up and the rain set in.

The guests all ran through the rain and it wasn’t going to stop anyone from smiling as they made their way to the ceremony

As Lauren got out of the car, underneath the awaiting umbrella, her smile was so big, it was easy to see she could not wait to get down that aisle!

As she walked with her dad, Mick watched from the other end and all he could think was that he was the luckiest guy in the entire world.

For Lauren the best part of the day was being able to share it with all their family and friends.  And for Mick, seeing Lauren so happy when they were celebrating the day, made him happy.

Calling Mick, “her husband”, still doesn’t seem real to Lauren!

“Even though it was raining and the weather made things a little more difficult, we couldn’t have possibly asked for a better day.” Lauren and Mick

And I can say, that Lauren and Mick really did enjoy every second of the day.  Both of them and their Bridal Party were such troopers in difficult weather and it was wonderful to hear them all laughing and having fun in the wild weather!

Best Wishes Lauren and Mick – I hope I have managed to capture the day just as you remember it :)


Bride’s dress ~ White Lily Couture in Brisbane // Suits ~ Suits on Q by Paul Barry // Flowers ~ Simplicity Florists, Rockhampton // Hair ~  Ruth from 1770 Weddings //  Make up ~ Blush by Anna // Cake ~ Creative Cakes by Gen // Rings ~ Diamonds International //  Wedding decorator ~ Janene Hulst from 1770 Weddings //  Reception venue ~  ‘The Tree Bar’ 1770 //  Wedding venue ~  ‘Agnes Water Community Centre// Photography copyright 2014 kellie blinco photography


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