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Shay, Adam, River, Amarni and Arlo

I had so much fun photographing this gorgeous family, on Adam and Shays 10th wedding anniversary!

What a wonderful way to celebrate 10 years married!  A celebration of their family and their life together.  Adam and Shay and their three children are one of the nicest families out there and it was an awesome afternoon

perthphotographer-familyphotographer-shayadam53perthphotographer-familyphotographer-shayadam54aperthphotographer-familyphotographer-shayadam42perthphotographer-familyphotographer-shayadam41perthphotographer-familyphotographer-shayadam59perthphotographer-familyphotographer-shayadam46 perthphotographer-familyphotographer-shayadam47 perthphotographer-familyphotographer-shayadam48 perthphotographer-familyphotographer-shayadam49 perthphotographer-familyphotographer-shayadam50 perthphotographer-familyphotographer-shayadam51 perthphotographer-familyphotographer-shayadam52 perthphotographer-familyphotographer-shayadam55 perthphotographer-familyphotographer-shayadam56 perthphotographer-familyphotographer-shayadam57 perthphotographer-familyphotographer-shayadam58perthphotographer-familyphotographer-shayadam60perthphotographer-familyphotographer-shayadam61perthphotographer-familyphotographer-shayadam40perthphotographer-familyphotographer-shayadam43Kellie Blinco Photography, copyright 2014.  Family Photography, Perth Photographer, Beach photo session

Baby Kade | Sneak peek

Meet Gorgeous Little Kade and his AMAZING eyelashes! Kade is my very last newborn to be photographed in my Gladstone Studio!

Teagan and Carl bought him into my empty studio, which had been packed into shipping containers the day before the shoot.


Kellie Blinco Photography, newborn photography, perth photographer

Alesha and Chris | Wedding

October Eighteenth, Twenty Fourteen

So usually I would be blogging a wedding with the Bride and Grooms thoughts from the day, but Alesha and Chris are still busy on their honeymoon and I am running out of time before all my belongings are put in little boxes and shipped off to WA next week for our big move.

So here is the story of their day in pictures.  Massive thanks to Dani ay Aydella Photography for lending me her skills and hanging out with me at this wonderful wedding!

Celebrant ~ Peter Van Gestel  //  Ceremony Venue ~ Rockhampton Botanical Gardens Tamarind Tree Line  //  Reception Venue ~ Henderson Park  //  Decorator ~ Stylish Events and Hire  //  Flowers ~ Lakes Creek Florist  //  Cake ~ Taste of Luxury //  Musician ~ Duel tones //  Transport ~ gold Coin Limo  //  Hair and Make-up ~ RNA Hair ~ Flawless Beauty  //  Videoography ~ Living Lens  // Caterers ~ Lickity Fingers  // Wedding co-ordinator ~ Marie Lucy weddings and occasions

kbp-wedding217 kbp-wedding218 kbp-wedding219 kbp-wedding220 kbp-wedding221 kbp-wedding222 kbp-wedding223 kbp-wedding224 kbp-wedding225 kbp-wedding226 kbp-wedding227 kbp-wedding228 kbp-wedding229 kbp-wedding230



Okay.  This is the face of a man, who accidently just said “my awful wedded wife”    Luckily, everyone thought it was hilarious!


kbp-wedding232 kbp-wedding233 kbp-wedding234 kbp-wedding235 kbp-wedding236 kbp-wedding237 kbp-wedding238 kbp-wedding239 kbp-wedding240 kbp-wedding241 kbp-wedding242 kbp-wedding243 kbp-wedding244 kbp-wedding245 kbp-wedding246 kbp-wedding247 kbp-wedding248 kbp-wedding249 kbp-wedding250 kbp-wedding251 kbp-wedding252 kbp-wedding253

kbp-wedding254Photography KELLIE BLINCO PHOTOGRAPHY 2014  Kellie Blinco  and Aydella Photography for Kellie Blinco Photography


Sam and Jed

Sam and Jed

My beautiful friend Sam.   She has worked with me, helping to create my business since the day it began.  Not only and incredible photographer she is an incredible person.

When her best mate, Jed, fell ill and didnt have much time left, I grabbed a few snaps of the two of them together at Jed’s favourite spot on the beach.  She loves him <3


Kellie Blinco Photography, perth photographer

Bec and Terry | Cedar Galleries Wedding

Bec and Terry

5th October, 2014

The morning of the wedding Terry was feeling good.  “I was relaxed. I had all morning before I needed to get ready so the nerves didn’t start about midday. I did think “whoa, this is the big day”. {Terry}

Meanwhile, Bec was also getting ready and that was one of may of her favourite parts of the day.  “It was fun getting ready with my bridesmaids, mother and daughter and seeing the joy they were experiencing on my special day. Everyone was so happy for us and I could feel the joy and love from everyone there.”

Putting on her dress, Bec felt like the most beautiful bride in the world.  “It really made things feel real and I realised that in a short period of time, I would be walking down the aisle to be Terry’s wife.” {Bec}

Out at Cedar Galleries, the guests all gathered int he chapel area and waited for the bride to arrive.  In the Chapel, Terry stood up front and waited for that moment where he got to catch a glimpse of his bride.

Bec just wanted to get down the aisle as fast as she could, “so that we could be husband and wife. When I saw him, I could see the tears in his eyes.” {Bec}

And all Terry could think was “she looked amazingly beautiful and elegant; I just wanted to hold her and kiss her as soon as I could.” {Terry}

For Terry,  The kiss was one of his favourite parts of the day. “We were finally husband and wife and our first kiss was loving and passionate.” {Terry}

And for Bec, the entire ceremony was incredibly special.  “It was amazing having all of our family and friends watch us become husband and wife and being able to share that with them. It was very special. The ceremony included readings by special family members and it all just represented who we are and who we want to be as a married couple.”

Calling Terry her husband, doesn’t quite feel real to Bec yet, “but I really do love saying that he is my husband.”

“Seeing both of my children being an active part of the day, they looked adorable and were so happy on the day. Listening to Terry’s speech and him telling Zach that he was so proud to call him his son.” were some of the moments that took Bec’s breathe away

To live a good life with love and support for each other, sharing the highs and pulling each other through the lows. To live life fully and raise our family with good values and health, are some of the dreams Terry has for his family’s future. Being a good husband to Bec means “Being strong for my family, protecting and providing for them. Sharing love and support with my wife.”

Brides dress ~ Demetrios ~ Gladstone Bridal //  Bridesmaids dresses ~ Goddess by Nature //  Suits ~ YD  //  Flowers ~ Artificial Floral Boutique // Hair ~ Cass Sorrenson //  Makeup ~ Blush by Anna // Rings ~ Miranda Manifold //  Cake ~ A Sweet Temptation //  Celebrant ~  Garland Anderson // Reception ~ Grand Hotel // Special music being used

“All of our songs were special in some way, but Bec’s dance with her father was chosen because it was the song that was playing when he found out that his grandchildren had been born. This happened on a number of occasions.”  //  Old: Bec’s Great Grandmother’s ruby ring //    Borrowed: Pearl bracelet from one of my bridesmaids, that she wore on her wedding day  //  New: Wedding teddy bears tied around her bouquet, given to Bec by the wife of one of Terry’s workmates who was unable to make the wedding. //  Blue: Earrings also lent to Bec by one of her bridesmaids //  Bec chose roses to remember her late grandmother. Her favourite flowers were red roses, she we also included red roses for her. Bec had her Great Grandmother’s ruby ring as her something old. Bec wore Gucci Envy Me perfume which was chosen by Terry for her birthday. Bec always wanted the bridesmaids to include someone from Terry’s life and the groomsmen to include someone from Bec’s life, this was to show the merging of our 2 lives. Terry chose to have Bec’s son, Zach, as one of his groomsmen and Bec chose Terry’s best friend Shanelle as a bridesmaid.


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Annaliese and Ellie |Child Portrait

Over the years, I have photographed this family a lot,  Starting with their Mum and Dad’s wedding <3  It is always such a real pleasure to watch my clients grow their families

I always love photographing children, they are so unpredictable and they are so REAL.  You never know what you are going to get and thats the fun part

xxperthphotographer-childphotographer-annalieseellie37perthphotographer-childphotographer-annalieseellie30 perthphotographer-childphotographer-annalieseellie31 perthphotographer-childphotographer-annalieseellie32 perthphotographer-childphotographer-annalieseellie33 perthphotographer-childphotographer-annalieseellie34 perthphotographer-childphotographer-annalieseellie35 perthphotographer-childphotographer-annalieseellie36 perthphotographer-childphotographer-annalieseellie38 perthphotographer-childphotographer-annalieseellie39