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Doug and Stacey | Wedding Photography

Doug and Stacey | Wedding Photography

May 2nd 2015

Stacey and Doug choose the magical location of Agnes Water for their wedding day.  So on Saturday morning,  friend and super awesome photographer Sam McGrath and I headed down to photograph this precious day for both Doug and Stacey.

The ceremony and the reception were held at the Golf Club, a popular location for couples to say their I Do’s <3

The ceremony was witnessed by their nearest and dearest and once the first married kiss was had, the couple were ready to breathe and enjoy the fun.

Sam and I whisked the bridal party off for an hour to get some portraits and had them back to enjoy their reception and party with their guests

Massive thanks again to Sam McGrath for all her beautiful work and helping me to tell Stacey and Doug’s story with the pictures below <3

Congratulations Stacey and Doug, thank you for having us there to do your wedding photography and we wish you all the happiness in the world!



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Mellisa and Luke | Wedding Photography

Mellisa and Luke | Wedding Photography

May 1st, 2015

I photographed Luke and Mellisa’s secret proposal just over a year before their Yeppoon wedding on May 1st (you can find that story here )

The thing I love most about this couple, is that the entire was about the love.  Between Luke and Mellisa and the kids.

The wedding theme was Gatsby and all the guests looked amazing styled to perfection!

Massive thanks to Dani at Aydella Photography (here) for her super awesome help in capturing the story below – these images are just a small snapshot of their day, that was so full of fun!

Mellisa and Luke – Thank  you Thank you Thank you for having me and Dani!  We wish you a lifetime of happiness <3

I will have some film shots to share when they arrive back too, so stay tuned!

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Mr and Mrs | Craig and Jessika | Wedding

Mr and Mrs | Craig and Jessika | Wedding

April 19, 2015

Jess and Craig’s wedding was always going to be a fun one!  They had choosen to say their I Do’s in the picturesque Agnes Water, QLD.   A couple that are all about fun and celebrating the day they become husband and wife.

Once everyone was ready, all their guests were awaiting the arrival of the bride at the Golf Club.  With celebrant Judy Whicker, marrying the couple, there was tears flowing from their loved ones.

Later on that night in the marquee, Jess and Craig were finally able to announce their exciting news to their guests, that they were on their way to adding a new family member!  The cheers of happiness from the unsuspecting guests, was such a heart warming moment to witness

Big congrats Craig and Jessika and thank you both for an extraordinary day~


Here is a look at their wedding day in pictures <3 I also photographed some film pics which you can view here 

kellieblinco-cj-200 kellieblinco-cj-201 kellieblinco-cj-202 kellieblinco-cj-203 kellieblinco-cj-204 kellieblinco-cj-206 kellieblinco-cj-207 kellieblinco-cj-208 kellieblinco-cj-209 kellieblinco-cj-210 kellieblinco-cj-211 kellieblinco-cj-212 kellieblinco-cj-213 kellieblinco-cj-214 kellieblinco-cj-215 kellieblinco-cj-216 kellieblinco-cj-217 kellieblinco-cj-218 kellieblinco-cj-219 kellieblinco-cj-220 kellieblinco-cj-221 kellieblinco-cj-222 kellieblinco-cj-223 kellieblinco-cj-224 kellieblinco-cj-225 kellieblinco-cj-226 kellieblinco-cj-227 kellieblinco-cj-228 kellieblinco-cj-229 kellieblinco-cj-230 kellieblinco-cj-231 kellieblinco-cj-232 kellieblinco-cj-233 kellieblinco-cj-234 kellieblinco-cj-235 kellieblinco-cj-236 kellieblinco-cj-237 kellieblinco-cj-238 kellieblinco-cj-239 kellieblinco-cj-240 kellieblinco-cj-241 kellieblinco-cj-242 kellieblinco-cj-243 kellieblinco-cj-244 kellieblinco-cj-245 kellieblinco-cj-246 kellieblinco-cj-247 kellieblinco-cj-248 kellieblinco-cj-249 kellieblinco-cj-250 kellieblinco-cj-251 kellieblinco-cj-252


Kellie Blinco Photography / Perth Photographer

Jess and Craig | I do | Film pics

Jess and Craig | I do | Film pics

Jess and Craig 

April 19th, I was in Agnes Water to shoot Craig and Jess’s I Do’s!  While I am still learning to use my film camera, the contax 645, I have only been taking a few random shots during the days, when I have the time available to ‘play’

Jess and Craig are currently honeymooning, but while I am working through their digital files, there film scans are already here and so I thought I would share these.  I hope to have the digital available in the next few days, but for now, here are a few of the film pics

kellieblinco-wed-150 kellieblinco-wed-151 kellieblinco-wed-152 kellieblinco-wed-153 kellieblinco-wed-154 kellieblinco-wed-155 kellieblinco-wed-156 kellieblinco-wed-157 kellieblinco-wed-158 kellieblinco-wed-159 kellieblinco-wed-160 kellieblinco-wed-161 kellieblinco-wed-162 kellieblinco-wed-163 kellieblinco-wed-164 kellieblinco-wed-165 kellieblinco-wed-166 kellieblinco-wed-167 kellieblinco-wed-168 kellieblinco-wed-169 kellieblinco-wed-170

Film Play | Doug and Stacey

Film Play | Doug and Stacey

I had a bit of time to be able to take a few film pics at Doug and Stacey’s Agnes Water wedding.  While I am still learning, I am only just grabbing some shots when time allows. I love how it looks overall, and while I am still just messing around with it, I think one day when I am comfortable with the contax as a tool, it would be reallly amazing to shoot more than just a few here and there….  You never know!


You can see their digitals here
kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1117 kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1118 kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1119 kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1120 kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1121 kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1122 kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1123 kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1124 kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1125 kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1126 kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1127 kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1128

Courtney | Contemporary Beauty

Courtney | Contemporary Beauty

I did this shoot way back in 2013 – I was so incredibly busy during my last 12-18 months in Gladstone, and now I am here living in Perth, having a break, I can finally take some time to go through the hundreds of sessions I photograph in this time and update the poor neglected blog!


I had so much fun on this shoot with Courtney.  Her sister Caity was my studio manager, two beautiful girls right there!

For courtney’s session, we were going for a bit of fashion inspired look so I played with some bold colours, grain and light.  We tried to balance the pics between pretty and edgy and I think Courtney does both well!  I love love love doing this type of shoot!

Kellie blinco photography-beauty-photography-courtney-209 Kellie blinco photography-beauty-photography-courtney-210 Kellie blinco photography-beauty-photography-courtney-211 Kellie blinco photography-beauty-photography-courtney-212 Kellie blinco photography-beauty-photography-courtney-213 Kellie blinco photography-beauty-photography-courtney-214 Kellie blinco photography-beauty-photography-courtney-215Kellie Blinco Photography, Perth Photographer, Beauty Photographer