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I have had a pretty amazing year in 2015 as far as the awards go!  Firstly with WA Epson Awards – you can see those results here and most recently, the national awards – APPA  (Australian Professional Photography Awards)



I love and hate the awards process! But over the few years I have been entering, it has quickly become a process that to me, is an important one for my growth and development as a professional photographer.

The moment of judgement, when your print comes around, (that moment when your heart is jumping out through your mouth 😮  ) is pretty much the reason to put yourself out there.  The honest, non biased, opinions from 5 industry experts, is something you just cant get from anywhere else.  It is the invaluable scores and comment outcomes that will either have you crying tears of happiness, or curling up on the ground in the fetal position, rocking back and forth.  But at the end of it, the highs and the lows, always brings you back to the same train of thought.  How will I do this better next year.  Something to aim for really gets a person motivated to push on and keep moving in the direction of up!

This year, I have got my best APPA result so far, with one Silver Award, On Silver with distinction Award and one Gold Award.  One print scored a 75, which is a professional standard, but not an award.  To achieve gold for one of my prints, is something I never dreamed even possible.

The web doesn’t really do any images justice (ever) My award images were printed by Perth Pro Lab and the finished product is something I am really proud to show people – thanks Paul!


Family Category – Silver with Distinction – 86


Family Category – Silver Award – 81


Portrait Category – Gold – 92

Seeing as though this image and its gold achievement is definitely a highlight for me, I want to tell you about why it is such a highlight.  I was unsure if my take on this portrait would even be understood, I was pretty scared they would look at it and be completely unhappy with the lack of light on the subjects face.  I was afraid they would miss that this is a portrait of anorexia, not the subject herself.  I was over the moon when the judges dissected this image and the words they said during discussion and how they interpreted it couldn’t have been relayed better if I had written a in depth description for them to read out.   I like to tell stories, I like create images that make you feel something, so to have one succeed on that level, is something I couldn’t be happier about



And lastly, despite scoring 84 at state, this one came in at 75 at APPA.  75 is not an award, but is in the range of Professional Standard.


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  1. Tiffy G

    Well done Kellie, well deserved Awards! You really are so very talented. Very proud of you xx


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