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WA EPSON Professional Photography Awards | AIPP

WA EPSON Professional Photography Awards | AIPP

10 silver awards and 1 gold award

Last week was completely crazy to me!  Every year, each state, has the AIPP Photography Awards, where photographers have printed up to 12 of their images, which are placed in front of a panel of 5 judges – and given a score.

My reasons for entering awards like these, is more of a mission of self improvement.  Clients friends and family always are there supporting me and praising work, but to have 5 industry peers, who don’t know you, give honest critique is really the number one reason to put images out there to get hammered.

Massive thanks to Paul Jarvis at Perth Pro Lab for guiding me through the printing stage – I trusted Paul completely with his suggestions for paper types (honestly, printing images is an art form in itself – so may different results depending on your choices) without Paul’s expert services, these images wouldn’t have looked so lovely in print!

More than thrilled to have to have received awards for 11/12 of my prints – 10 Silver Awards and 1 Gold award

Here is a look at my entries, I wish the web did justice to the prints – but it never does!



Family Category

Images entered in this category must have been taken on paid photo shoots – I love this category the most because it is made up of entries of real work photographers are creating for their clients every day! Because of this, I was super excited to get 4 silver awards

Silver Award - Kellie Blinco PhotographySilver – 83
Silver Award - Kellie Blinco PhotographySilver – 81Silver Award - Kellie Blinco PhotographySilver – 83
Silver Award - Kellie Blinco PhotographySilver – 80

Travel Category 
Silver Award - Kellie Blinco PhotographyThis image was also entered into to the national awards (APPA) last year, and it actually did better there , with a silver distinction at 88. It is one of my favourite images, if you look at the person under the tarp on the end of the boat you can see their hand poking out – all the small details in this print tell such a wonderful story. It scored a silver 82.
Silver Award - Kellie Blinco PhotographySilver – 81 Silver Award - Kellie Blinco PhotographySilver – 84
Silver Award - Kellie Blinco PhotographySilver – 80

Portrait Category – Images entered in this category can be commissioned or noncommissioned work
Silver Award - Kellie Blinco PhotographySilver – 8o
Silver Award - Kellie Blinco PhotographySilver – 81

Gold Award – Portrait Category 

Lastly – but definitely not least, I was shocked to have been awarded a Gold Award. It is something I never thought I would ever be able to achieve! Even if this image did not score well, It will always be one of the most important images I have ever taken.  The model (who wishes to remain nameless so please, if you do know her, respect her wishes) is one of the bravest people I have ever met.  She tells me, the images I took of her, made her see how sick she was and helped save her life.

When I entered this, I was full of fear I hadn’t done a good enough job, telling the story.  I was worried the way I lit the images and the choices I made in creating this, wouldn’t be understood.  When the judges were talking about my image and their interpretations were coming out as if I had written them down for them to read out, I was really happy that my vision was easily told through the photograph.

The image is a portrait of the body and the disease anorexia – highlighting the spine.  The unnamed subject, is hiding her face, in the darkness, representing her shame and her fear.  Her body language with her hands in bound together position is telling the story of how she was living her life and destroying her body, her hands felt tied while she was suffering this disease but she didn’t know any other way.

AIPP Award wining imagesGold 92


Sally and Cam | Couples Photographer

Sally and Cam | Couples Photography

This gorgeous couple, Sally and Cam, came and had some portraits taken.  Between me and them the schedule movement was non existent so when the winds were cyclonic, even they we both wanted to, we just couldn’t reschedule!

You can’t see in the images, but the balloons were blowing around at a hundred miles and hours and we had to shoot with the wind to make sure Sally’s hair stayed under control!  Both Sally and Cam were so easy to work with, their love for one another just shines through!

They both have the playful and fun personalities and I hope I was able to capture the romance and their cheekier side too!  Thanks so much Sally and Cam x

Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-45 Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-46 Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-47 Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-48A
Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-40Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-41Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-42Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-44Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-43Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-49 Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-50 Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-51 Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-52 Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-53 Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-54 Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-55 Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-56 Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-57Sally and Cam | Couples Photographer by Kellie Blinco Photography, Perth Photographer, Couples Photography

Ava-Grace | Perth newborn photographer

Ava-Grace | Time with Mum

I had all but decided, I wanted out of newborn photography, but then Gemma introduced me to her beautiful little Ava-Grace.

I had been offering the popular style of newborn photography in my studio for the last 7 years, but this year as I have a little time out from shooting, I have been able to determine, that while i think the posed shots with the cute props are ADORABLE and some of my most admired friends and peers do this style so well, it isn’t what I personally want to do anymore with newborns.

Now my kids are older, I look back and what I really would have loved is some images like the ones I have attempted for Gemma – free of props and unnatural posing, just real smiles and looks of adoration.  Its all about how an image makes you feel.  I hope one day when Ava-Grace is grown, Gemma will be able to pick up these images, hold them in her hand and remember, exactly how she felt, in the fleeting moments that Ava-Grace was new to the world

perthnewbornphotographer-avagrace23perthnewbornphotographer-avagrace24perthnewbornphotographer-avagrace25perthnewbornphotographer-avagrace26perthnewbornphotographer-avagrace22perthnewbornphotographer-avagrace20perthnewbornphotographer-avagrace21perthnewbornphotographer-avagrace28Kellie Blinco Photography / copyright 2015 / perth photographer, Perth Newborn photography, Newborn Photographer


Mel and Brendon | Sunrise Couples Session Yanchep

Mel and Brendon | Yanchep Beach Couples Sessions


I am not a morning person but it was well worth the 5am wake up call to get to the beach 10 minutes before the sun came up to photograph Mel and Brendon.  The light was beautiful and the pastel hues went from blue to pink to yellow and warm in about 40 minutes.

They are the sweetest couple and I had so much fun!  Thanks Mel and Brendon!


You can find the film images here


perthphotographer-mb-1000 perthphotographer-mb-1001 perthphotographer-mb-1002 perthphotographer-mb-1003 perthphotographer-mb-1004 perthphotographer-mb-1005 perthphotographer-mb-1006 perthphotographer-mb-1007 perthphotographer-mb-1008 perthphotographer-mb-1009 perthphotographer-mb-1010 perthphotographer-mb-1011 perthphotographer-mb-1012 perthphotographer-mb-1013 perthphotographer-mb-1014 perthphotographer-mb-1015 perthphotographer-mb-1016 perthphotographer-mb-1017 perthphotographer-mb-1018 perthphotographer-mb-1019 perthphotographer-mb-1020kellie blinco photography copyright 2015 / yanchep / perth photographer / couples photography perth


Gemma | Perth Maternity Photographer

Gemma | Maternity

I had so much fun with Gemma on this Yanchep maternity session!  Gemma has the MOST gorgeous bump and we had some really pretty light to work with, not to mention the stunning beach and dunes I have to work with here!  Thanks Gemma so much for a fun afternoon, here are a few favourites from the session and I hope you love all of them!


You can find Gemma’s film images here


perthphotographer500 perthphotographer501 perthphotographer502 perthphotographer503 perthphotographer504 perthphotographer505 perthphotographer506 perthphotographer507 perthphotographer608 perthphotographer509 perthphotographer510 perthphotographer511 perthphotographer512 perthphotographer513 perthphotographer514 perthphotographer515 perthphotographer516 perthphotographer517 perthphotographer518 perthphotographer519


Kellie Blinco Photography copyright 2015  \  Perth Maternity Photographer, Maternity session, Yanchep Western Australia


Nath, Rach and Oscar | Family Photographer

I photographed this awesome pair’s wedding, so when they wanted me to take family pics, complete with its newest  member,  Oscar, I was so excited to head out to Mt Larcom and take these precious portraits for them.

They are such amazing parents already!

perthphotographer-newbornphotographer-cutts70 perthphotographer-newbornphotographer-cutts71 perthphotographer-newbornphotographer-cutts72 perthphotographer-newbornphotographer-cutts73 perthphotographer-newbornphotographer-cutts74 perthphotographer-newbornphotographer-cutts75 perthphotographer-newbornphotographer-cutts76 perthphotographer-newbornphotographer-cutts77 perthphotographer-newbornphotographer-cutts78 perthphotographer-newbornphotographer-cutts79 perthphotographer-newbornphotographer-cutts80 perthphotographer-newbornphotographer-cutts81 perthphotographer-newbornphotographer-cutts82 perthphotographer-newbornphotographer-cutts83 perthphotographer-newbornphotographer-cutts84 perthphotographer-newbornphotographer-cutts85

Kellie Blinco Photography, 2014.   Perth Photographer, baby photography, portrait photographer, aipp photographer

Portrait Collections + Pricing

Kellie Blinco Photography

Portrait Collections + Pricing Information



So you have found this page because you are considering commissioning a portrait session and you are wondering whats included and whats on offer.  Awesome!  This is the exact place you need to be!

Every photographer will be different and everyone has their reasons and beliefs about what a professional portrait session means and let me explain to you and show you some pretty pictures about what is on my list.  I highly recommend a quick visit to the studio to see the insane quality of these items, you simply can not appreciate them until you are holding them in your own hands.

Session Fee’s

Session Fee includes the session.  It is a non refundable booking fee that secures your date.  The session fee covers the photographers time, to produce the images and the assistance provided to prepare for the session.  All images are to be purchased in addition to the session.  No choices need to be made until your purchasing session, which takes place after the photographs are taken.

The normal rate for portraiture is $165.00

Payment Options

Many of my clients are HUGE fans of using Interest Free Take Home Layby.  And why wouldnt they be!  You are able to take home everything you want straight away, interest free!  For as little as $26 per week

I also offer in house layby, eftpos, EFT and cash is accepted

My Collections

Please browse the pretty pictures to see all the items offered in my portrait collections PDF as well as a description and pricing information.  If you would like to obtain the full list, please email –

*** we are adding new products at the moment so stay tuned for updates***




Printed on Fine Art Papers and matted in either Black with White Core or White with White Core V-Groove Mounts

Ideal for easy and instant framing.  Small Gift Print to fit 8×10′ Frame and Large Gift Print to fit 11×14′ Frame

Starting at $85

gift prints, Kellie Blinco Photography, Perth Photographer


Fine Art Collection

A Collection of digital images on USB + fine art prints in a beautiful keepsake box

Collections come in 5 images, 10 images or all images taken

starting at $495.00

Fine Art Print Box

Image Box Collection

A Collection of digital images on USB +  matted fine art prints in a beautiful keepsake box.

Many fabric options available for the Box as well as choice of Black or White Frame Mounts for the prints.

Collections come in 10 images, 18 images or all images taken

starting at $1295

image boxes

Fine Art Album

12×12′ custom linen cover with custom embossing

Printed on fine art, matt, archival paper, custom magazine album layouts

beautiful handmade Thai and Nepalese paper linings


Miette Frames

Stylish and modern finish on a traditional wall art option

  high end Italian moulding and acid free photo mount

 “Mietta Frames include plexiglass, as opposed to normal glass as plexiglass is stronger, lighter, more shatter-resistant and provides a lot more UV protection to your images.”

Sizes range from 10×8′ to 20×24′ and prices range from $195.00 – $595.00
mietta framescopy


Available in a range of sizes – canvas printing, stretching and mounting. Shadow box frame available

Prices start at $330

Photos coming soon

Acrylic Wall Art

Modern, metallic finish print mounted under acrylic for a high gloss finish.  Available in floating or bolted

Starting at $350

Art mural

“In this age of ultra modern and state of the art furnishings, bring your walls to life with our stunning Retro Artmurals.

Your photo is printed and mounted onto board, then covered with a unique liquid coating and baked in an oven. The end result is a photograph with a super high gloss finish that looks simply amazing!”


available in one image, 4 up or 9 up.  Black of White background


art mural