Doug and Stacey | Wedding Photography

Doug and Stacey | Wedding Photography

May 2nd 2015

Stacey and Doug choose the magical location of Agnes Water for their wedding day.  So on Saturday morning,  friend and super awesome photographer Sam McGrath and I headed down to photograph this precious day for both Doug and Stacey.

The ceremony and the reception were held at the Golf Club, a popular location for couples to say their I Do’s <3

The ceremony was witnessed by their nearest and dearest and once the first married kiss was had, the couple were ready to breathe and enjoy the fun.

Sam and I whisked the bridal party off for an hour to get some portraits and had them back to enjoy their reception and party with their guests

Massive thanks again to Sam McGrath for all her beautiful work and helping me to tell Stacey and Doug’s story with the pictures below <3

Congratulations Stacey and Doug, thank you for having us there to do your wedding photography and we wish you all the happiness in the world!



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