Luke and Mellisa : The Proposal

April Tenth, Twenty Fourteen

FROM KELLIE: Luke called.  He was planning on proposing to his sweetheart and wanted me to capture it.  We had to create a story so the unsuspecting Mellisa wouldn’t have a clue about what was actually going on.  I found Luke’s plan to be super sweet and ever so thoughtful and this was such a special thing to document.  I will forever smile when I think about this session and I hope I have done a good enough job of capturing this moment, that you smile too!

MELLISA: What I love the most about luke is how passionatly and deeply he loves me.  We are so madly in love with each other, we are so connected on every level. I completly love everything about Luke he is my best friend my lover and my soul mate.

LUKE: The thing I love most about Mel is her positive attitude. I haven’t met anyone who has been through as much as what Mel has been through in the last year or so and still been able to get up every day with a smile on her face and just get on with life. She has the most amazing personality of anyone I have ever met and our personalities just fit so well together. I often tell people who haven’t met Mel before that she is just the female (and better looking) version of me!

Their Love Story: {as told by Luke}

We have a picture at home of a saying that I think fits us perfectly, it says “every couple has a love story but ours is my favourite”.

Our love story starts back in high school. I was in love with Mel pretty much from the moment I first met her. I thought that she was too good for me and that I was destined to just be a friend and nothing more.

Then one day, out of the blue, Mel came up to me at recess (I can’t remember if it was big or little lunch) and asked if I would go out with her.

We must have been about fifteen at the time and I didn’t want to come across as desperate or easy so I said I would have to think about it.

I was so bloody excited and shocked I wanted to say yes straight away but I said I would let her know when I got back from a family holliday to Victoria which we were leaving for the next day. Two weeks later I got back from our holiday and jumped on my skateboard and skated over to Mel’s house  5 klm’s away.

I was the most excited kid in the world!  When I arrived at Mel’s house,  she informed me that she didn’t want to go out with me anymore because someone had told her that I only wanted to go out with her for one reason!!!!!

Needless to say I was extremely angry because I had not said that at all and the reason why I wanted to go out with her was because I was in love with her!!

So I jumped on my skateboard and skated home the angriest kid in the world!  Strange as it may seem Mel and I drifted apart after that and didn’t really see each other after I left school in 1999. Fast forward to 2010 when I moved to start my new job in Dysart,  being away from my family and all of my friends I finally decided to join facebook.

Not long after I come across a strange name in my friend requests and thought “who is Mellisa Togo?” After looking at photos I quickly realized that it was the girl who had broken my heart all those years ago and to top it off she was now married with 2 kids!!

I couldn’t help but think what could have been and feel I’d missed out on something special. We began to chat and reminisce about what had happened between us in high school and Mel revealed that nobody had actually told her that I wanted to go out with her for one thing, she was just scared to do what kids of around 15-16 quite often do for the first time!

We revealed to each other that over the years of not seeing each other we would quite often think about each other and rue the missed opportunity. Fast forward again to Mel’s birthday in 2012 and I sent her a message to say happy birthday and to enquire as to why her name on facebook had been changed back to Mellisa Endres.

She informed me that her and her husband were going through a break up and that was why her name had changed. At the same time I was going through a tough time with my fiancé.   Mel and I would quite often talk to each other and help each other when we needed someone to talk to or we just wanted a laugh!

Before long my engagement was cancelled and I was once again on the market. About two months after this happened Mel was visiting friends in Blackwater and I was living in Moranbah at the time so I suggested that as my work had a house in Emerald that wasn’t used the majority of the time that we should meet up and spend the night in Emerald.

So on the 25-08-2013 we saw each other for the first time since February 2000! Needless to say we hit it off and we quickly met up again 2 weeks later in Yeppoon as it was roughly half way between me in Moranbah and Mel in Bundaberg and we realized that this just felt more comfortable and right than anything we had ever experienced and we quickly realized that it was because we had loved each other since we were 15 years old!

We might have got lost in the 13 years since we had last seen each other and the reason why our relationships had failed in the past is because we were destined for something much better, each other!”

The Proposal: {As told by Mellisa}

Luke got me a beauty! I will cherish this day forever.  It all started for me one day he called  and said he just had a weird phone call from the Mercure Resort Yeppoon,  wanting to use us for their new website that they are doing . Apparently they picked us because Luke had organised a suprise for our room when we arrived.

I was blown away that they called and wanted us… I asked questions like why us?  Why not hire models?  I was so excited that we were going to be featured on their website.

Luke also told me that they would give us a dinner at one of their restaurants and that we will get to keep our photos from the photographer.  I was so excited and  I started telling friends and family.

A few days past and he said he had a phone call from the photographer and her name was Kellie.  I quickly said Kellie… was it Kellie Blinco?   I had been on the net looking for photographers up that way and I had fallen in love with Kellie’s photography.  Luke said he didnt know if it was Kellie and I quickly said he needed to check the phone number she called on,  to Kellie Blinco’s website when he got home from work.  Later that night I get a message from Luke and he said… omg babe… guess what… it will be Kellie Blinco.  I was so completly blown away!

I called Luke and expressed my excitment and how much I couldn’t believe all this was happening,  as I was still thinking it was all still for the resort.

Next day I was telling everyone the coincidence of the whole thing… I told everyone… I mean everyone!  The time arrived for luke to arrive home from work and we were so excited about heading up to the resort to have our photos taken!

Luke never once acted nervous! Luke got a messge from Kellie that day and I had seen it,  she was aksing him what bubbly we like and he said I am going to get her to get Moet and I was so embarrassed!

I said,  “you cant make her buy that!”   He said “the resorts paying babe,  we will see of she buys it :P”

We got ready and Luke got me to take a pic all done up and post it on Facebook saying getting ready for our photo shoot.

We arrive at the Chapel and Kellie is waiting for us… I was so excited and nervous because I wanted to make sure Luke and I worked well enough to get good pics for the resort.

I saw Kellie had the Moet and I said to Luke,  “Shame,  look she brought the Moet!”

Kellie even had me going telling me how traditionally the  Mercure is all about families and they are wanting to attract more couples . I fully believed them both!

We started at the Chapel and moved our way down to the beach and and tried our best to be models.  Then when we were on the beach,  Kellie said “Alright Luke,  the light is right lets pop the bottle”

Luke got this underway,  popped the cork and the cork flew over my lap and landed on the left of me. He asked me to get the cork for him.

As I lent over to get the cork I turned back and here was Luke on his knee with the most stunning amazing beautiful ring.   He asked me to marry him.

I was filled with so much happiness, love, excimemt and I was absoulty blown away that he got me and I didnt have a clue at all what was going on!  I am one who needs to know everything,   xmas presses, birthday surprises anything,  I always find out!

Luke did the most amazing job of making the proposal amazing! For him to organise Kellie who I absolute love,  to be there and be apart of this amazing moment  just shows how amazing my fiancé is!

I screamed and couldn’t stop saying OMG… OMG…. it was the most magical moment  that I will never forget and when I see the amazing pics it brings me back to sitting there smilling and having the biggest butterflies in my belly thinking of how much I love Luke Baker!  We are so in love with each other!

THE WEDDING: Naturally, this happy couple will marry right here in the same place they became engaged in a years time!  Looking forwards to it!



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  1. mellisa endres

    absoulty amazing… you captured this moment so perfectly.. I have tears reading and looking at pics..

  2. Luke

    Thankyou so much Kellie! Couldn’t have worked out any better and the pictures are proof!!

  3. Davina

    I love you both. So beautiful to see two people so I love with each other. Thats what love is all about. Mumxxxx

  4. wilma

    The pictures are great, good to see you both so happy, See you at the wedding
    with love. nana and grandfatherxxxx


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