Malia, Luke and Loni | Family Photograher

Malia, Luke and Loni | Family Photograher

Such a pleasure to hang out with these three amazing people! Here are some favs from their family session


Some film PicsFILM-Lukemalia2217 FILM-Lukemalia2204 FILM-Lukemalia2213 FILM-Lukemalia2214
FILM-Lukemalia2219 FILM-Lukemalia2225

Some Digital
DIGITAL-Luke Malia10 DIGITAL-Luke Malia11 DIGITAL-Luke Malia12 DIGITAL-Luke Malia14 DIGITAL-Luke Malia16 DIGITAL-Luke Malia21 DIGITAL-Luke Malia23 DIGITAL-Luke Malia25 DIGITAL-Luke Malia30 DIGITAL-Luke Malia32

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