More Film Play | Luke and Mellisa

More Film Play | Luke and Mellisa


I’m having heaps of fun playing with 120 film. While I was photographing Mell and Luke’s May wedding, I took a few frames when time permitted me to fumble around a little :0

As I get to know my camera better, I really am enjoying it more and more every time I get to have a play with it!

I am really loving the softness of shooting wide open and the way it is translating on film as compared to digital.  Where as digital is so clean, film has so much more texture and a feeling of authenticity.

You can see the digital images and Luke and Mellisa’s wedding story here


mellisaluke-13 mellisaluke-14 mellisaluke-15 mellisaluke-16 mellisaluke-17 mellisaluke-18 mellisaluke-19 mellisaluke-20 mellisaluke-21 mellisaluke-22 mellisaluke-23

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