Sally and Cam | Couples Photographer

Sally and Cam | Couples Photography

This gorgeous couple, Sally and Cam, came and had some portraits taken.  Between me and them the schedule movement was non existent so when the winds were cyclonic, even they we both wanted to, we just couldn’t reschedule!

You can’t see in the images, but the balloons were blowing around at a hundred miles and hours and we had to shoot with the wind to make sure Sally’s hair stayed under control!  Both Sally and Cam were so easy to work with, their love for one another just shines through!

They both have the playful and fun personalities and I hope I was able to capture the romance and their cheekier side too!  Thanks so much Sally and Cam x

Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-45 Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-46 Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-47 Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-48A
Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-40Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-41Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-42Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-44Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-43Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-49 Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-50 Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-51 Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-52 Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-53 Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-54 Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-55 Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-56 Kellieblincophotography-couples-photography-sc-57Sally and Cam | Couples Photographer by Kellie Blinco Photography, Perth Photographer, Couples Photography

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