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The birth of Ellie Olivia Ginn


“Leading up the birth was a waiting game – not knowing when I was going to go into labour was a tad frustrating lol. But in the end it played out almost identical to my first labour – water break, nothing happened so was induced the next day. On the day we both felt calm as we knew what to expect, we were both excited as it was the day we could finally met Ellie. During the birth I felt fairly relaxed and calm, until the contraction became more intense lol. The whole time i kept reminding myself that we were nearly at the end and that kept me strong and smiling. Cam was a tremendous support, he did and said everything right – I couldn’t have done it without him. Cam said he was just trying to support me as much as he could and was focused on trying to keep me strong. When I first held Ellie in my arms I felt that overwhelming love that all mums feel when first meeting their baby. It was love at first sight for both of us. It was wonderful to have the birth photographed and documented – we never had any photos from Annalise and wish we had – having you there to take photos allowed us to focus on the birth and on Ellie when she arrived. You were so professional and personable, and I felt completely comfortable having you there, as you just blended in so well. It is something we will do again if we have another. We didn’t know what to expect but didn’t have any reservations about having a photographer there, it’s something we will be recommending to everyone. Oh wow what can I say about the slides how – to relive those raw and emotional moment was just wonderful – it bought tears of joy to watch me bring my baby girl into the world. It made me realise how strong a woman’s body really is. It’s a very personal moment in our lives that we are glad we have had it documented. We honestly can’t thank you and Kellie enough from the maternity to the newborn sessions.”

Amy Ginn

Now what you have all been waiting for!! Photo’s! Grab your tissues <3 p.s be sure to click HD to view in best quality :)