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Spirited Space | Film Photography Perth

Spirited Space | Film Photography Perth


I photographed a few details and a women’s circle for local Yanchep business, Spirited Space


Let me just tell you how amazing Anita is – I went and saw her for an energy alignment in January, after feeling just a little bit lost after moving across the countryside.  She is truly amazing and I very quickly found my mojo and became crystal clear about what I wanted to do.  Sometimes, we get a little bit caught up in listening to our ego brains and find ourselves in a state of total self doubt, complete frustration and cant even work out what the hell we are doing in our lives.  She took away all my blocks and my energy has been flowing in abundance ever since!  I feel excited about my business, I am having fun shooting and I am heading towards my goals in leaps and bounds.  And I am in love with the process I am going through now


Here are a few of the film photographs I took on my new love, the contax 645.  Its a real journey getting to know this camera and film again.  Its keeping me very interested and there is such beauty in its imperfection <3

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More Film Practice!

More Film Practice!

Some more film play!  Please excuse the cheesy smiles and or the unenthused faces of my children that had to be paid in McDonalds to let me practice!


I had fun, even if they didnt!  I used a mix of portra 400 and fuji400H for these shots.

Really loving more and more the look of beautiful film.  Its hard to get across in digital format just how much more film looks and feels like reality.  The texture and colours are so exciting and not spending time in lightroom to get them to look the way I want them to look is really so great!


kellieblinco-film-practise1086 kellieblinco-film-practise1087 kellieblinco-film-practise1088 kellieblinco-film-practise1089 kellieblinco-film-practise1090 kellieblinco-film-practise1091 kellieblinco-film-practise1092 kellieblinco-film-practise1093 kellieblinco-film-practise1094 kellieblinco-film-practise1095 kellieblinco-film-practise1096 kellieblinco-film-practise1097 kellieblinco-film-practise1098 kellieblinco-film-practise1099 kellieblinco-film-practise1100 kellieblinco-film-practise1101 kellieblinco-film-practise1102 kellieblinco-film-practise1103 kellieblinco-film-practise1104 kellieblinco-film-practise1105 kellieblinco-film-practise1106 kellieblinco-film-practise1107 kellieblinco-film-practise1108 kellieblinco-film-practise1109 kellieblinco-film-practise1110 kellieblinco-film-practise1111

More Film Play | Luke and Mellisa

More Film Play | Luke and Mellisa


I’m having heaps of fun playing with 120 film. While I was photographing Mell and Luke’s May wedding, I took a few frames when time permitted me to fumble around a little :0

As I get to know my camera better, I really am enjoying it more and more every time I get to have a play with it!

I am really loving the softness of shooting wide open and the way it is translating on film as compared to digital.  Where as digital is so clean, film has so much more texture and a feeling of authenticity.

You can see the digital images and Luke and Mellisa’s wedding story here


mellisaluke-13 mellisaluke-14 mellisaluke-15 mellisaluke-16 mellisaluke-17 mellisaluke-18 mellisaluke-19 mellisaluke-20 mellisaluke-21 mellisaluke-22 mellisaluke-23

Jess and Craig | I do | Film pics

Jess and Craig | I do | Film pics

Jess and Craig 

April 19th, I was in Agnes Water to shoot Craig and Jess’s I Do’s!  While I am still learning to use my film camera, the contax 645, I have only been taking a few random shots during the days, when I have the time available to ‘play’

Jess and Craig are currently honeymooning, but while I am working through their digital files, there film scans are already here and so I thought I would share these.  I hope to have the digital available in the next few days, but for now, here are a few of the film pics

kellieblinco-wed-150 kellieblinco-wed-151 kellieblinco-wed-152 kellieblinco-wed-153 kellieblinco-wed-154 kellieblinco-wed-155 kellieblinco-wed-156 kellieblinco-wed-157 kellieblinco-wed-158 kellieblinco-wed-159 kellieblinco-wed-160 kellieblinco-wed-161 kellieblinco-wed-162 kellieblinco-wed-163 kellieblinco-wed-164 kellieblinco-wed-165 kellieblinco-wed-166 kellieblinco-wed-167 kellieblinco-wed-168 kellieblinco-wed-169 kellieblinco-wed-170

Film Play | Doug and Stacey

Film Play | Doug and Stacey

I had a bit of time to be able to take a few film pics at Doug and Stacey’s Agnes Water wedding.  While I am still learning, I am only just grabbing some shots when time allows. I love how it looks overall, and while I am still just messing around with it, I think one day when I am comfortable with the contax as a tool, it would be reallly amazing to shoot more than just a few here and there….  You never know!


You can see their digitals here
kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1117 kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1118 kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1119 kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1120 kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1121 kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1122 kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1123 kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1124 kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1125 kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1126 kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1127 kellieblinco-film-dougstacey1128

Mel and Brendon \ Film Experimenting Roll 3

Roll three

contax 645, fuji 400H

As mentioned in my last post, I shot this roll also completely blind without having seen my test roll ;0 The last two were shot in the very first light and it was still very dark, so they were a bit underexposed as I anticipated.  Its been good seeing the results  how film handles under and over exposure.

You can see the digital images here




perthphotographer-mb-10 perthphotographer-mb-11 perthphotographer-mb-12 perthphotographer-mb-13 perthphotographer-mb-14 perthphotographer-mb-15 perthphotographer-mb-16 perthphotographer-mb-17 perthphotographer-mb-18

Gemma’s Film – experimenting

2nd roll, contax 645, fuji 400H

I went ahead and shot roll 2, 3 and 4 before I had even seen the test roll, which, I probably should have waited to see the first.  I am testing to see how reliable the in camera meter is in different situations and trying to get comfortable with focusing.   At f/2 on medium format is like f/1 ish on on the dslr, so its a pretty thin line and I was out a lot 😉

I have been shooting with Fuji 400H and I like the colour on some frames and not so much on others.  Im still trying to get a feel for using the camera, so shooting in lots of different lighting situations to see how I go.  Experimenting is all part of the fun :)  Gemma was such a wonderful person to work with, so we had fun making these :)

The digital files from the session can be found here 

perthphotographer-000 perthphotographer-001 perthphotographer-002 perthphotographer-003 perthphotographer-004 perthphotographer-006perthphotographer-300 perthphotographer-007 perthphotographer-008 perthphotographer-009

120 film adventure

Since moving to Perth and having a moment to breathe, I really got a chance to think about where I am going exactly.  I appreciate more than I can ever express the experience of having the studio for almost 7 years and the great success I found in Gladstone.


However, having to meet obscene expenses and the business side of my photography business I think in some ways really held me back in my desire to grow as a photographer and I realised when I was able to put the camera down for a few months after 7 dedicated years, I wasn’t really shooting what or how I wanted to shoot.


In order to slow down and fall back in love with shooting, I bought myself a contax 645.  My first time shooting medium format film and I had butterflies!



The day it arrived, it was overcast and rainy and I dragged my son Baily (unwillingly, as you will see) to the beach to grab a few shots for a test roll.  I didn’t expect much from the roll and was absolutely fumbling around trying to get a feel for it.  I had fun and I cant wait to keep learning and fumbling some more on my contax.


Here a few of the scans I got back from Raw Digital and Film Lab from my test roll.  The wait to get it back almost killed me, but it is so good not to have cull files (which I suck at)  and edit to emulate a film colour.  I think I could get used to that!


Shot on Fuji 400H, contax 645 with the zeiss 80mm.  I played around between f/2 and f2.8

3515BLINCO-R1-04 3515BLINCO-R1-05 3515BLINCO-R1-06 3515BLINCO-R1-08 3515BLINCO-R1-12 3515BLINCO-R1-143515BLINCO-R1-033515BLINCO-R1-153515BLINCO-R1-16