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Ben and Chantelle |Vintage Romance

Ben and Chantelle | Vintage Romance

It is an absolute crime against this website – that Ben and Chantelle’s gorgeous vintage wedding from a few years back has not appeared here!  I am not sure why it hadn’t made it here – perhaps my website was under renovation and as times ticks by the “to do” list spirals out of control .

But now I have some spare time, and working on adding a lot of things that haven’t been added before.  This wedding was featured on Polka Dot Bride and all Chantelle’s hard work and good taste with her planning was recognised.

Shooting a wedding of another photographer, is a little bit scary to be quite honest! I mean I freak all the time with clients, hoping I have been able to give them exactly what they wanted – but when it’s a photographer, it compounds that fear by 10!

Chantelle made it so easy for me to take beautiful photographs, her ceremony lighting was perfection and could have only been chosen by another photographer.  Her attention to details and beautiful planning made her wedding a wonderful one for me to shoot and still years later is one of my favourites!

Apart from all the gorgeousness – It was a wonderful day and it was full of emotion.  You could tell that Chantelle was marrying the man of her dreams and you could see Ben truly must have felt like he was the luckiest man in the world

Thank you Mr and Mrs Stagg for choosing me to photograph your most special of days



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More Film Play | Luke and Mellisa

More Film Play | Luke and Mellisa


I’m having heaps of fun playing with 120 film. While I was photographing Mell and Luke’s May wedding, I took a few frames when time permitted me to fumble around a little :0

As I get to know my camera better, I really am enjoying it more and more every time I get to have a play with it!

I am really loving the softness of shooting wide open and the way it is translating on film as compared to digital.  Where as digital is so clean, film has so much more texture and a feeling of authenticity.

You can see the digital images and Luke and Mellisa’s wedding story here


mellisaluke-13 mellisaluke-14 mellisaluke-15 mellisaluke-16 mellisaluke-17 mellisaluke-18 mellisaluke-19 mellisaluke-20 mellisaluke-21 mellisaluke-22 mellisaluke-23

Doug and Stacey | Wedding Photography

Doug and Stacey | Wedding Photography

May 2nd 2015

Stacey and Doug choose the magical location of Agnes Water for their wedding day.  So on Saturday morning,  friend and super awesome photographer Sam McGrath and I headed down to photograph this precious day for both Doug and Stacey.

The ceremony and the reception were held at the Golf Club, a popular location for couples to say their I Do’s <3

The ceremony was witnessed by their nearest and dearest and once the first married kiss was had, the couple were ready to breathe and enjoy the fun.

Sam and I whisked the bridal party off for an hour to get some portraits and had them back to enjoy their reception and party with their guests

Massive thanks again to Sam McGrath for all her beautiful work and helping me to tell Stacey and Doug’s story with the pictures below <3

Congratulations Stacey and Doug, thank you for having us there to do your wedding photography and we wish you all the happiness in the world!



perthphhotographer-sd307 perthphhotographer-sd308 perthphhotographer-sd309 perthphhotographer-sd310 perthphhotographer-sd311 perthphhotographer-sd312 perthphhotographer-sd313 perthphhotographer-sd314 perthphhotographer-sd315 perthphhotographer-sd316 perthphhotographer-sd317 perthphhotographer-sd318 perthphhotographer-sd319 perthphhotographer-sd320 perthphhotographer-sd321 perthphhotographer-sd322 perthphhotographer-sd323 perthphhotographer-sd324 perthphhotographer-sd325 perthphhotographer-sd326 perthphhotographer-sd327 perthphhotographer-sd328 perthphhotographer-sd329 perthphhotographer-sd330 perthphhotographer-sd331 perthphhotographer-sd332 perthphhotographer-sd333 perthphhotographer-sd334 perthphhotographer-sd335 perthphhotographer-sd336 perthphhotographer-sd337 perthphhotographer-sd338 perthphhotographer-sd339 perthphhotographer-sd340 perthphhotographer-sd341 perthphhotographer-sd342 perthphhotographer-sd343 perthphhotographer-sd344 perthphhotographer-sd345 perthphhotographer-sd346 perthphhotographer-sd347 perthphhotographer-sd348 perthphhotographer-sd349 perthphhotographer-sd350 perthphhotographer-sd351 perthphhotographer-sd352 perthphhotographer-sd353 perthphhotographer-sd354 perthphhotographer-sd355 perthphhotographer-sd356 perthphhotographer-sd357 perthphhotographer-sd358 perthphhotographer-sd359 perthphhotographer-sd360 perthphhotographer-sd361 perthphhotographer-sd362 perthphhotographer-sd363 perthphhotographer-sd364 perthphhotographer-sd365 perthphhotographer-sd366 perthphhotographer-sd367

Mellisa and Luke | Wedding Photography

Mellisa and Luke | Wedding Photography

May 1st, 2015

I photographed Luke and Mellisa’s secret proposal just over a year before their Yeppoon wedding on May 1st (you can find that story here )

The thing I love most about this couple, is that the entire was about the love.  Between Luke and Mellisa and the kids.

The wedding theme was Gatsby and all the guests looked amazing styled to perfection!

Massive thanks to Dani at Aydella Photography (here) for her super awesome help in capturing the story below – these images are just a small snapshot of their day, that was so full of fun!

Mellisa and Luke – Thank  you Thank you Thank you for having me and Dani!  We wish you a lifetime of happiness <3

I will have some film shots to share when they arrive back too, so stay tuned!

kellieblinco-lm-254 kellieblinco-lm-255 kellieblinco-lm-256kellieblinco-lm-253kellieblinco-lm-257_EL_8807-Edit kellieblinco-lm-259_EL_8784-Editkellieblinco-lm-260_EL_9014-Edit kellieblinco-lm-261 kellieblinco-lm-262 kellieblinco-lm-263 kellieblinco-lm-264 kellieblinco-lm-266 kellieblinco-lm-268 kellieblinco-lm-269 kellieblinco-lm-271 kellieblinco-lm-272AAA_0639-Edit kellieblinco-lm-273_EL_9267-Edit-2 kellieblinco-lm-275_EL_9339-Edit kellieblinco-lm-276 kellieblinco-lm-277_EL_9502-Edit kellieblinco-lm-278 kellieblinco-lm-279kellieblinco-lm-281kellieblinco-lm-280kellieblinco-lm-282 kellieblinco-lm-283 kellieblinco-lm-284daf kellieblinco-lm-285 kellieblinco-lm-286 kellieblinco-lm-287 kellieblinco-lm-288 kellieblinco-lm-289 kellieblinco-lm-290 kellieblinco-lm-292kellieblinco-lm-291kellieblinco-lm-293 kellieblinco-lm-294_EL_9929-EditAAA_1079-Edit AAA_1102-Edit-Edit_EL_9994-Edit-Edit-Edit kellieblinco-lm-296 kellieblinco-lm-297 kellieblinco-lm-298 kellieblinco-lm-299 kellieblinco-lm-300 kellieblinco-lm-301 kellieblinco-lm-302 kellieblinco-lm-303 kellieblinco-lm-304 kellieblinco-lm-305 kellieblinco-lm-306

Mr and Mrs | Craig and Jessika | Wedding

Mr and Mrs | Craig and Jessika | Wedding

April 19, 2015

Jess and Craig’s wedding was always going to be a fun one!  They had choosen to say their I Do’s in the picturesque Agnes Water, QLD.   A couple that are all about fun and celebrating the day they become husband and wife.

Once everyone was ready, all their guests were awaiting the arrival of the bride at the Golf Club.  With celebrant Judy Whicker, marrying the couple, there was tears flowing from their loved ones.

Later on that night in the marquee, Jess and Craig were finally able to announce their exciting news to their guests, that they were on their way to adding a new family member!  The cheers of happiness from the unsuspecting guests, was such a heart warming moment to witness

Big congrats Craig and Jessika and thank you both for an extraordinary day~


Here is a look at their wedding day in pictures <3 I also photographed some film pics which you can view here 

kellieblinco-cj-200 kellieblinco-cj-201 kellieblinco-cj-202 kellieblinco-cj-203 kellieblinco-cj-204 kellieblinco-cj-206 kellieblinco-cj-207 kellieblinco-cj-208 kellieblinco-cj-209 kellieblinco-cj-210 kellieblinco-cj-211 kellieblinco-cj-212 kellieblinco-cj-213 kellieblinco-cj-214 kellieblinco-cj-215 kellieblinco-cj-216 kellieblinco-cj-217 kellieblinco-cj-218 kellieblinco-cj-219 kellieblinco-cj-220 kellieblinco-cj-221 kellieblinco-cj-222 kellieblinco-cj-223 kellieblinco-cj-224 kellieblinco-cj-225 kellieblinco-cj-226 kellieblinco-cj-227 kellieblinco-cj-228 kellieblinco-cj-229 kellieblinco-cj-230 kellieblinco-cj-231 kellieblinco-cj-232 kellieblinco-cj-233 kellieblinco-cj-234 kellieblinco-cj-235 kellieblinco-cj-236 kellieblinco-cj-237 kellieblinco-cj-238 kellieblinco-cj-239 kellieblinco-cj-240 kellieblinco-cj-241 kellieblinco-cj-242 kellieblinco-cj-243 kellieblinco-cj-244 kellieblinco-cj-245 kellieblinco-cj-246 kellieblinco-cj-247 kellieblinco-cj-248 kellieblinco-cj-249 kellieblinco-cj-250 kellieblinco-cj-251 kellieblinco-cj-252


Kellie Blinco Photography / Perth Photographer

Jess and Craig | I do | Film pics

Jess and Craig | I do | Film pics

Jess and Craig 

April 19th, I was in Agnes Water to shoot Craig and Jess’s I Do’s!  While I am still learning to use my film camera, the contax 645, I have only been taking a few random shots during the days, when I have the time available to ‘play’

Jess and Craig are currently honeymooning, but while I am working through their digital files, there film scans are already here and so I thought I would share these.  I hope to have the digital available in the next few days, but for now, here are a few of the film pics

kellieblinco-wed-150 kellieblinco-wed-151 kellieblinco-wed-152 kellieblinco-wed-153 kellieblinco-wed-154 kellieblinco-wed-155 kellieblinco-wed-156 kellieblinco-wed-157 kellieblinco-wed-158 kellieblinco-wed-159 kellieblinco-wed-160 kellieblinco-wed-161 kellieblinco-wed-162 kellieblinco-wed-163 kellieblinco-wed-164 kellieblinco-wed-165 kellieblinco-wed-166 kellieblinco-wed-167 kellieblinco-wed-168 kellieblinco-wed-169 kellieblinco-wed-170

Alesha and Chris | Wedding

October Eighteenth, Twenty Fourteen

So usually I would be blogging a wedding with the Bride and Grooms thoughts from the day, but Alesha and Chris are still busy on their honeymoon and I am running out of time before all my belongings are put in little boxes and shipped off to WA next week for our big move.

So here is the story of their day in pictures.  Massive thanks to Dani ay Aydella Photography for lending me her skills and hanging out with me at this wonderful wedding!

Celebrant ~ Peter Van Gestel  //  Ceremony Venue ~ Rockhampton Botanical Gardens Tamarind Tree Line  //  Reception Venue ~ Henderson Park  //  Decorator ~ Stylish Events and Hire  //  Flowers ~ Lakes Creek Florist  //  Cake ~ Taste of Luxury //  Musician ~ Duel tones //  Transport ~ gold Coin Limo  //  Hair and Make-up ~ RNA Hair ~ Flawless Beauty  //  Videoography ~ Living Lens  // Caterers ~ Lickity Fingers  // Wedding co-ordinator ~ Marie Lucy weddings and occasions

kbp-wedding217 kbp-wedding218 kbp-wedding219 kbp-wedding220 kbp-wedding221 kbp-wedding222 kbp-wedding223 kbp-wedding224 kbp-wedding225 kbp-wedding226 kbp-wedding227 kbp-wedding228 kbp-wedding229 kbp-wedding230



Okay.  This is the face of a man, who accidently just said “my awful wedded wife”    Luckily, everyone thought it was hilarious!


kbp-wedding232 kbp-wedding233 kbp-wedding234 kbp-wedding235 kbp-wedding236 kbp-wedding237 kbp-wedding238 kbp-wedding239 kbp-wedding240 kbp-wedding241 kbp-wedding242 kbp-wedding243 kbp-wedding244 kbp-wedding245 kbp-wedding246 kbp-wedding247 kbp-wedding248 kbp-wedding249 kbp-wedding250 kbp-wedding251 kbp-wedding252 kbp-wedding253

kbp-wedding254Photography KELLIE BLINCO PHOTOGRAPHY 2014  Kellie Blinco  and Aydella Photography for Kellie Blinco Photography


Bec and Terry | Cedar Galleries Wedding

Bec and Terry

5th October, 2014

The morning of the wedding Terry was feeling good.  “I was relaxed. I had all morning before I needed to get ready so the nerves didn’t start about midday. I did think “whoa, this is the big day”. {Terry}

Meanwhile, Bec was also getting ready and that was one of may of her favourite parts of the day.  “It was fun getting ready with my bridesmaids, mother and daughter and seeing the joy they were experiencing on my special day. Everyone was so happy for us and I could feel the joy and love from everyone there.”

Putting on her dress, Bec felt like the most beautiful bride in the world.  “It really made things feel real and I realised that in a short period of time, I would be walking down the aisle to be Terry’s wife.” {Bec}

Out at Cedar Galleries, the guests all gathered int he chapel area and waited for the bride to arrive.  In the Chapel, Terry stood up front and waited for that moment where he got to catch a glimpse of his bride.

Bec just wanted to get down the aisle as fast as she could, “so that we could be husband and wife. When I saw him, I could see the tears in his eyes.” {Bec}

And all Terry could think was “she looked amazingly beautiful and elegant; I just wanted to hold her and kiss her as soon as I could.” {Terry}

For Terry,  The kiss was one of his favourite parts of the day. “We were finally husband and wife and our first kiss was loving and passionate.” {Terry}

And for Bec, the entire ceremony was incredibly special.  “It was amazing having all of our family and friends watch us become husband and wife and being able to share that with them. It was very special. The ceremony included readings by special family members and it all just represented who we are and who we want to be as a married couple.”

Calling Terry her husband, doesn’t quite feel real to Bec yet, “but I really do love saying that he is my husband.”

“Seeing both of my children being an active part of the day, they looked adorable and were so happy on the day. Listening to Terry’s speech and him telling Zach that he was so proud to call him his son.” were some of the moments that took Bec’s breathe away

To live a good life with love and support for each other, sharing the highs and pulling each other through the lows. To live life fully and raise our family with good values and health, are some of the dreams Terry has for his family’s future. Being a good husband to Bec means “Being strong for my family, protecting and providing for them. Sharing love and support with my wife.”

Brides dress ~ Demetrios ~ Gladstone Bridal //  Bridesmaids dresses ~ Goddess by Nature //  Suits ~ YD  //  Flowers ~ Artificial Floral Boutique // Hair ~ Cass Sorrenson //  Makeup ~ Blush by Anna // Rings ~ Miranda Manifold //  Cake ~ A Sweet Temptation //  Celebrant ~  Garland Anderson // Reception ~ Grand Hotel // Special music being used

“All of our songs were special in some way, but Bec’s dance with her father was chosen because it was the song that was playing when he found out that his grandchildren had been born. This happened on a number of occasions.”  //  Old: Bec’s Great Grandmother’s ruby ring //    Borrowed: Pearl bracelet from one of my bridesmaids, that she wore on her wedding day  //  New: Wedding teddy bears tied around her bouquet, given to Bec by the wife of one of Terry’s workmates who was unable to make the wedding. //  Blue: Earrings also lent to Bec by one of her bridesmaids //  Bec chose roses to remember her late grandmother. Her favourite flowers were red roses, she we also included red roses for her. Bec had her Great Grandmother’s ruby ring as her something old. Bec wore Gucci Envy Me perfume which was chosen by Terry for her birthday. Bec always wanted the bridesmaids to include someone from Terry’s life and the groomsmen to include someone from Bec’s life, this was to show the merging of our 2 lives. Terry chose to have Bec’s son, Zach, as one of his groomsmen and Bec chose Terry’s best friend Shanelle as a bridesmaid.


becter-100 becter-101 becter-102 becter-103 becter-104 becter-105 becter-106 becter-107 becter-108 becter-109 becter-110 becter-111 becter-112 becter-113 becter-114 becter-115 becter-116 becter-117 becter-118 becter-119 becter-120 becter-121 becter-122 becter-123 becter-124 becter-125 becter-126 becter-127 becter-128 becter-129 becter-130 becter-131 becter-132 becter-133 becter-134 becter-135 becter-136 becter-137 becter-138 becter-139 becter-140 becter-141

Charley and Andrew // I Do

September 27th 2014

by kellie blinco + sam mcgrath

The morning of the wedding Andrew woke feeling Calm, “which was unexpected, and I was excited.  Then I started thinking about my ‘List of things to do’ – which started with breakfast with my family (first time we’d all been together for 16 years).” ~ Andrew

“During the morning, I stopped past the church to do a few things (part of my list) and had the place to myself.  Everything was set up and so it looked perfect  I took a few moments to sit quietly and reflect/contemplate which I very much enjoyed & appreciated.  It put the entire day (& the future) in perspective & was very meaningful for me.  Then I raced out the door and continued with my list……”  ~ Andrew

Meanwhile not far away, Charley was preparing for the moment she would walk down the aisle.

When the time came, she walked with her Dad, to marry the man of her dreams.  “As I walked down the aisle I was just trying to take everything in.” ~ Charley

Charley experienced more breathtaking moments “Catching my first glimpse of Andrew through the side door at the church and then getting to him at the end of the aisle… He looked so handsome!”

Andrew could only look at Charley as she came toward him and think about how lovely and relaxed she looked.  “Also, she had painted me a picture that her dress – which I’d not seen until that point – was ‘meringue like’ & so I was extremely impressed in how not meringue like it was, and so how beautiful the dress in fact was and how (more) delicious Charley looked in it.  I was a bit impressed!!  I also noticed her Dad was crying…”  ~  Andrew

The whole day was perfect for Charley, she could really nail down a favourite part of the day “but being pronounced husband and wife was pretty cool.”

On their exit from the church, I don’t think there was a dry eye to be seen,  with a surprise live rendition of “All you need is Love” being another special part of the day for the couple.

“I will always remember wondering what the loud ripping/tearing noise was at one point to look down after the ceremony and see that my dress had a massive tear in it. I think I will always remember standing there while my very new husband knelt in the gravel to sew my wedding dress back together.” ~  Charley

The reception held at Scotties “was relaxing and fun (& added to the euphoric day) – and despite our plans to leave earlyish, we were having so much fun we ended up amongst the last to leave!!!!”~  Andrew

Now the wedding is over, the couple are enjoying their europe trek and Charley has told me in email that they are enjoying every second!  But when the honeymoon is over, they wish for a happy and healthy future where all their dreams are realised.

When Charley was asked how it feels to call Andrew her “Husband” she replied “I love calling Andrew my husband and I really love hearing him call me his wife. I was so excited when he first called me his wife in his speech at the reception that I squealed!”

Congratulations from Sam and I – we really enjoyed being there to watch it all happen <3

Dress by ~ Maggie Sottero //  Junior Bridesmaids dresses ~ Kershur Mills //  Brides Shoes ~ Shoes of Prey  // Suit by ~ Hugo Boss //  Flowers by ~ Jans Flower Shoppe  // Hair ~ Hair Culture by Raylene  // Bridesmaids makeup ~ Anna at Hair Culture by Raylene  //  Rings ~ Ringleaders, Brisbane //  Cake ~ Judy Neville  // St Saviours Church ~ Father Daniel  //  Reception ~ Scotties Bar & Restaurant   //  Photography copyright 2014 kellie blinco + Sam McGrath  KELLIE BLINCO PHOTOGRAPHY


charandr-1000 charandr-1001 charandr-1002 charandr-1003 charandr-1004 charandr-1005 charandr-1006 charandr-1007 charandr-1008 charandr-1009 charandr-1010 charandr-1011 charandr-1012 charandr-1013 charandr-1014 charandr-1015 charandr-1016 charandr-1017 charandr-1018 charandr-1019 charandr-1020 charandr-1021 charandr-1022 charandr-1023IMG_7940 charandr-1024 charandr-1025 charandr-1025A charandr-1026 charandr-1027 charandr-1028 charandr-1029 charandr-1030 charandr-1031 charandr-1032 charandr-1033 charandr-1034 charandr-1035 charandr-1036 charandr-1037 charandr-1038 charandr-1039 charandr-1040 charandr-1041 charandr-1042 charandr-1043 charandr-1044 charandr-1045 charandr-1046 charandr-1047 charandr-1048 charandr-1049 charandr-1050 charandr-1051 charandr-1052 charandr-1053 charandr-1054 charandr-1055 charandr-1056 charandr-1057 charandr-1058 charandr-1059 charandr-1060 charandr-1061 charandr-1062 charandr-1063 charandr-1064

Tyrin and Taryn | Wedding | Kellie Blinco Photography

Tyrin and Taryn

September 20th, 2014

When September 20th finally rolled around, Bride Taryn found herself feeling so many mixed emotions.  “I was so nervous but so excited and happy the day was finally here and I couldn’t wait to walk down that aisle.”

Getting into her dress, was one of her favourite parts of the morning “Planning a wedding for so long and waiting to be able to finally wear it was so exciting! it made it all feel so real.”

Over at Kalori, Tannum Sands, nervous Groom Tyrin, was greeting guests and making sure everything was perfect for Taryn’s arrival.  “I couldn’t wait for her to arrive”

When the moment came, Taryn was walking across the grass to get to the aisle, with her dad by her side, all Tyrin could think to himself was “don’t cry, it was very emotional”

Taryn was also begging herself in her mind not to trip over.  “I remember saying to Dad don’t stand on my dress and then he stood on my dress lol”

“Walking up that aisle was very emotional and one of the best feelings! I just couldn’t wait to be able to call Tyrin my husband. ” 

The whole day was so special for Tayn, but when asked to choose one moment,  “definitely be when we were pronounced husband and wife.”

Saying their vows to one another was a moment that took Taryn’s breathe away.  Tyrin’s favourite part of the day was standing in front of Taryn saying their vows and being able to call her his wife.



tt-1106 tt-1107 tt-1108 tt-1109 tt-1110 tt-1111 tt-1112 tt-1113 tt-1114 tt-1115 tt-1116 tt-1117 tt-1118 tt-1119 tt-1120 tt-1121 tt-1122 tt-1123 tt-1124 tt-1125 tt-1126 tt-1127 tt-1128 tt-1129 tt-1130 tt-1131 tt-1132 tt-1133 tt-1134 tt-1135 tt-1136 tt-1137 tt-1138 tt-1139 tt-1140 tt-1141 tt-1142 tt-1143 tt-1144 tt-1145 tt-1146

Bride & Bridesmaid dresses: Gladstone Bridal

Suits: Cavaliers Menswear

Hair: Alarna Taylor (Unique Mobile Hair & Make-up)

Make-up: Danielle Vicente

Flowers: Jans Flower Shoppe

Wedding Decorator: Capricorn Event Decorator

Cake: Cake Creations Gladstone

Images Kellie Blinco Photography 2014