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Sam and Jed

Sam and Jed

My beautiful friend Sam.   She has worked with me, helping to create my business since the day it began.  Not only and incredible photographer she is an incredible person.

When her best mate, Jed, fell ill and didnt have much time left, I grabbed a few snaps of the two of them together at Jed’s favourite spot on the beach.  She loves him <3


Kellie Blinco Photography, perth photographer

Jayson and Kym | Love Story

Jayson Loves Kym

Next weekend, Sam and I will be heading out Mt Larcom way to photograph Jayson and Kym on their property, where they will be holding their country wedding.  Here is their love story:

Jayson loves Kym’s independence.  The thing that Kym loves most about Jayson is how caring and kind he is.  “He has a beautiful heart” {Kym}

The proposal took place, July 2013 at Paradise Lagoons Campdraft, in front of 7000 people and on a big screen.  Australian Country life took their photograph and their story was published in the next paper run.  For Jayson, in the moment, he had many thoughts.  “I just didn’t want to stuff up. I was pretty nervous. I knew Kym was going to say yes because she designed the ring. The week before Kym had hinted about having the first ever proposal at Paradise. So I went with it.” {Jayson} 

“Jayson was acting weird, so I knew something was going on.  When he lead me onto the centre stage, I knew exactly what was going on. So I was very excited and happy. We had heaps of people congratulate us and give us hugs. ” {Kym}

They both knew it was meant to be.  Jayson knew it was love when Kym first shot the 4-10 and hit the clay target.  Kym knew when Jayson said her horse was beautiful.

As a couple, they would like to travel and spend more time at shows with the horses.  They both smile most, dancing in the kitchen, with no music playing. The thing that makes them strong together is they are opposites. They help each other where the other isnt so strong.  They are complementary.

“Kym leaves me love notes when she goes to work” {Jayson}

“Every morning Jayson wakes me up a hundred times to say I love you.” {Kym} 

Like every couple, there has to be something that pushes the other ones button.  Jayson says “She drives the longest possible way to go not very far. I think she needs a navigator in her car all the time set to shortest distance.”

Kym says “I love spending money. Jayson likes to save it. So that pushes Jaysons buttons”

For their wedding, all they hope for is to have fun and that everything go’s off without too many hiccups.


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Natalie & Russell | QLD couples photography

Nat and Russell will be on the countdown now.  They are heading off oversea’s to say their I Do’s in the coming months.  I wish you both all the happiness in the world!

“I love Russell as much as there are stars in the sky, as much as there is water in the ocean, to infinity and beyond and more each day. I love the way he makes me feel special.” Natalie Braddon


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