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{A Love Story | Brad & Keeana}

{A love story | Brad & Keeana}

Tomorrow is a big day for Keeana Demidov and Brad Kruger. It is the day they will marry. The 20 year old couple have been together since they were in year 8 at Gladstone State High. Brad asked Keeana out on March 27th 2005. They will marry tomorrow 7 years on.

Keeana and Brad’s love is different to any love I have ever seen before. Couples usually begin a life together, ready to take on what ever life wants to throw at them. The difference with Brad and Keeana is life has already thrown so much their way and through such hard times these two have only let their love grow stronger.

Keeana was diagnosed with hodgkin’s lymphoma on 11th April 2008. She underwent several treatments including Chemo and a Stem Cell transplant. After these treatments Keeana was in remission and had a new lease on life. After 18 months of being in remission, Keeana found that she had relapsed and in October 2010 she had a donor transplant. The donor transplant also failed her. Keeana then tried another drug to help get rid of her tumours, and this attempt led her into anaphylactic shock, where she almost lost her life. Brad was by her side and this one of the things Keeana talks about as being a positive for her during a time that can only be described as difficult.

After this major setback, Keeana was sent home. Brad, at that time, was only 6 months away for completing his apprenticeship. He gave it up to become Keeana’s full time carer. 3 months on and Keeana prepared to undergo some radiation in an attempt to further get rid of her tumours. This effort also failed. Keeana spoke of the moment she was sent home, with the news there was nothing more to do. Being faced with the reality that they had fought hard, but there no more medical treatments for Keeana to try was a devastating moment for Brad and Keeana. Although Keeana has only been given months from Doctors, Brad is constantly searching and trying natural therapies and remedies to try and keep Keeana with him, where she should be.

Keeana says the positives she has experienced include her closeness to Brad and her Dad. She is also constantly amazed at the kindness people have shown her with their love and thoughts for both her and Brad. Keeana is also helping people who have also found themselves fighting the same fight. She found joy offering support and advice to those who are going through the same thing. Living with the disease and trying all the treatments, Keeana is an expert on living and fighting Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and nothing has made her happier than being able to offer support to people.

Listening to Brad express his positive thoughts for his fianc