Yanchep Child Portrait Session

Chase and Zara are the MOST adorable brother sister duo I have ever met!  They are so close, their sibling bond is unbreakable and it was so lovely to watch them hang out with one another on the beach in Yanchep, doing their thing.

Walking away from sessions like this one, I always end up contemplating – when do we, as  ( supposed 😛 )  grown ups, lose the magic that kids have?  Chase and Zara like all my little clients – are always so full of life, laughter and they are not afraid to be just who they are!  In front of the camera or just in chatting with them.

Some where along the line, we start to become aware that other people may have opinions about us, or we start to feel a little inadequate because someone tells us we are.  Things become complicated and we start to worry and we sensor ourselves.

I always feel inspired after working with kids, to learn from them.  And I really enjoy trying to capture that spirit in them, because we all know just how fleeting childhood is.

Thanks Chase and Zara <3

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And a few film pics shot on the contax 645

0293-02f 0293-03d 0293-05 0293-06 0293-08 0293-10 0293-11Kellie Blinco Photography – copyright 2015 – perth photographer, Yanchep Child Portrait Session


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