You Are Beautiful | Kellie Blinco Photography

You Are Beautiful | Kellie Blinco Photography


I recently photographed 12 exceptional women in 1 hour for a shoot for Raw Energy and Wellness Centre

This shoot is different to what I usually do for clients – connecting with someone in less than 5 mins to produce a beautiful portrait is a hard task, but I believed deep down that while I wouldn’t be able to give the ladies the absolute best of my work in 5 minutes, I could give them everything I had and give them the best of myself and show them that they are beautiful

After the shoot, I was speaking with some of the ladies, about how much I love revealing the results from sessions because it is like, for some people, they are seeing themselves for the very time


The more I reflected on what I do and womens beauty shoots i have done in the past I realised that in some small way, I really am privileged to play a small role in the way the see themselves.

After a taking a year pretty much off from shooting after moving to Perth, I thought really hard about what made me love what I was doing.  It always came back to the moments of photo reveals for the women I have had come through the studio.  I will never forget a single reveal I have done from beauty sessions.  The moment they see themselves, its truly amazing


I wanted to share that with everyone.  This project was meant to be a small marketing video for beauty shoots – but it took on a life of its own.  And the message is larger than I ever imagined it would be


You Are Beautiful by Kellie Blinco Photography from kellie blinco on Vimeo.

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